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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


well, here's what i get for not teaching my kids good hygiene.  jones brought home a small bug at the end of last week.  a small bug turned into a raunchy cold for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!  it's "just" sniffles/congestion, sneezing, coughing, achy body cold.  we were all sick yesterday.  sunday was the beginning. 
otter pop had to go to work this morning and all three kids wanted to go to school.  that's such a hard decision for me because i really want to stress to them the importance of education.  however, i really feel bad if they're the ones spreading germs to the other kids!  most of my kids are asthmatic and their colds last longer and harder than the average joe. 
adejay was tested for allergies when she was about 5. 
age 6
she tested positive for every single thing they tried in her and by extreme amounts, so she started getting shots.  it only took a year or so to see the improvement in her health.  before the shots she was missing school at least once/month.  after about a year of being on the shots and since (~7 years), she has maybe missed 3 days total for illness!
aleemay doesn't have allergies and has average health.  she gets sick easily, but can kick it in a normal time period.  she has asthma, but not as bad as the next two.  she missed one day of school last year because she was sick.
jones has asthma and i'd bet has allergies too, but when he was tested he came out negative.  i'm wanting to get him tested again, but am not really sure how to go about telling the first guy he didn't do it right...  he shows pretty much every symptom for allergies, so i don't know how he COULDN'T have them.  but anyway, he gets sick anytime he's near someone that might be sick or was sick or knows someone that's sick. 
age 2.5
and it knocks him out for at least three nights and makes him pretty miserable for three days too.  his cough will linger for about three more nights too.
poor sweet boo wasn't born premature.  now, that's not what makes her poor or sweet though.  she was born at 39 weeks at a whooping 9 pounds 5 ounces.  so if anything, that makes ME poor and sweet... what makes HER poor sweet is that not even a month into life she caught RSV and was in the neo-natal ICU. 
she only had to stay there a day/night because even though she's poor and sweet, she's a durn good fighter!  she spent another several days in the pediatric ward being their most precious and darling patient. 
a few months later (i'd have to get out the calendar/records to be certain), she caught it (RSV) again.  she stayed in the hospital for another nice stay while she got over it.  i believe she's been admitted at least one other time... but between her and jones, i'd like to think the nurses all know us well!  (they don't... but i'd like to think they do.  the doctors sure do!)
now we've got the starboy to talk about.  he has eczema real bad... but i'm about 95% certain that he has healthy lungs and airways.  he hasn't shown any signs of asthma in his almost 2 years of life!  (and trust me, if they have asthma... you should probably know by the time they turn 2!)  so, that's exciting.  i thought that maybe he slipped by this cold we have too, but when he woke up this morning his little nose was a snifflin'! 
otter pop has had asthma and i would bet allergies his whole life.  he's fairly healthy, but catches things quite easily.  he gets sinus infections super easily and really bad!  he's at work today because that's what he does... poor guy!
i was a healthy kid.  after elementary school i don't think i missed hardly any days for sickness, and probably only 1-2/year in elementary.  but once i got into this family, i'm not going to say that i'm even fairly healthy.  i get most of the bugs that everyone else gets.  i can usually get over it relatively fast... but it's so hard to not get sick.  we're a sharing family.  we share pretty much everything.  i know it's not a good habit, but it's who we are. 

so there's our family health report.  please pray for us ALL to kick this cold's butt!  please keep us in your thoughts.  AND... if you have a spare minute, you're welcome to come on over and clean up a square foot or two.  :D 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Liz said...

so. you are now required to come with me to a class our chiropractor is doing on "building a titanium immune system". I think it's the 19th. (?) I'll double check. not that i think you don't know how to keep ya'll from getting sick, but, we might learn something we've never heard. it does seem like you guys get sick a lot. i hope it passes fast. real fast!

Nicnic said...

awww shucks. hope it passes soon and that flu season, which starts in a few months goes quite uneventful for you all. i think you should look into immune boosting foods and vitamins. I was just checking it out online and there are lots of things you can do to help boost those immune systems!