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Friday, September 30, 2011

friday food post : crockpot chicken cordon bleu

here's an easy recipe to throw in your crock pot:

boneless/skinless chicken breast(s)
swiss cheese
cream of mushroom soup

take the chicken boob and slice it into about hamburger sized pieces (for me it was quartering the breast) and then slice them all in half so that they ARE like two hamburger buns per section.
  • man, here's where i wish i had the camera for y'all.
lay down the bottom "buns" of the chicken in your crock pot.  layer them with a slice of ham, and then a slice of swiss cheese.  then place the top "buns" of your chicken on top. 

mix up the soup and the milk, then pour it over the top of all the chickens. 

cover and heat until chicken is done (high = 4ish hours.  med = 6ish hours.  low = 8ish hours).  this isn't a beautiful recipe, and it's hard to get the "sandwiches" to stay together, but if you serve it with rice... the "gravy" is perfect and the taste is all good!

  1. i didn't have swiss cheese and used a pizza blend instead.  it was fine. 
  2. 1 can of soup per breast of chicken. 
  3. for leftovers, i kept it in the crock pot and poured about 1 c. of rice in to mix up with the "gravy" and it was delish!
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Jen said...

This sounds really good! My family love chicken cordon bleu. But I'm wondering if I can tweak it to include the bread crumbs and also not use cream of canned soup. mmmmm. I'll have to do some experimenting. Thanks for a great recipe!

MamaT said...

that would DEFINATELY make it prettier and neater/easier to dish up... but it seems like you might need more moisture to help cook the chicken. ???
also, i considered instead of slicing the chicken in half (like buns), to slice it almost in half (like a hot dog bun is) so that it can stay together better.

Jen said...

Ya, my brain keeps working on it like there has to be a way to do it where it would be prettier to serve for company.

I like the creamy idea but just not canned soup. So, I was thinking of how I could make a cream sauce on the side to serve with it but still let the crock-pot do the work of cooking the chicken.

You actually don't need anymore moisture. It usually turns out just fine because it traps the moisture coming out of the chicken (it collects on the lid). Think of it as an oven. You would bake chicken breasts covered in the oven and they'd be moist.

I like the idea of cutting them length wise like a hot dog bun. Bigger serving which is nice. When a friend of mine makes them, he seals them closed with a toothpick in each one but it seems that the cheese still oozes out. I wish there was a way to solve that. What about doing a quick blanch on them. Would that seal the chicken breast closed you think? Then put them in the crock pot?