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Thursday, September 1, 2011

friday food post : a FANTASTIC dinner tonight!!!

i put all my food efforts into dinner tonight.  i didn't take any pictures because all the recipes were online already, so i wasn't thinking of a friday food post as i started dinner prep this morning at 9:30!!!  so, this is a different friday food post.  i have lots of others saved up, so perhaps you'll see another recipe before next friday anyway.  but here's what was on our menu for dinner (actually it was on last week's menu):
pan-fried pork chops with twice baked potatoes and creamed green beans.
1st off.  i wanted to do something new with pork chops.  i usually pour a can of cream of something soup over the top and put 'em in the crockpot.  but i wanted something new.  my mom used to batter-fry them and then bake them into yumminess...  that's kinda where i got the urge to pan fry them using the recipe on my menu's link
well, this morning i was thinking that the recipe is all wrong because there's no baking involved so i couldn't think what would make the pork chops tender like we all like!!! 
so, i pan-fried them without any batter (otherwise known as browned them) and then threw them in the crockpot.  at 10am.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... talk about tenderness!!!!!  (we ate them at 6pm)
then i had to think, what're creamed green beans anyway?  i mean, i kinda had the idea of the beans that i throw in the crockpot with the crockpot pork chops (w/ cream-of-soup)... but i wasn't making that kind of pork chops, so now what???  well, i googled creamed green beans recipe and found THIS.  and that is what i made!  and they were incredible!  otter pop really loved them and all the kids ate 'em up well too!!!  (but i will say that my kids love green beans all the time, just heated on the stove... so they're not hard to please when it comes to green beans.)  however, many of the reviews were from non-green bean eatin' foos that really loved the recipe!  so, try it if you want.  (and just to tempt you a little more, the recipe isn't called creamed green beans, it's called "green beans with cheese and bacon" ... so go ahead... if you want.)
and then the twice baked potatoes... everyone loves those, right?!  so i don't need to expand on how perfectly they went with the other two dishes.  i don't really need to explain that the three of those dishes eaten together was like a little piece of heaven disolving in your mouth in just one bite.  i don't need to... so i won't.  but, i WILL say... that was an AWESOME FREAKIN' DINNER, MOM!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Anonymous said...

Great new blogging format. I really like it. I also liked hearing about your pork chop recipe. I usually put the chops in the oven with cream of something soup after pan frying (dipped in flour). 'nuf said. lylyly

MamaT said...

i just realized that i posted this on a thursday. TODAY'S friday!!! woops. sorry readers.