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Sunday, September 11, 2011

re-post: 9/11

i'm reposting this blurb i put up a few days ago for today.  please read it and think about how great our God is. 

where were you?
last night my sicky husband and i watched a pbs special that was about the tragic events that happened almost 10 years ago on sept. 11. the special was focused on some of the people who were actually survivors and also some close family members who had loved ones parish.
it was an awesome documentary -as most of pbs' documentaries are. before i fell asleep (because i am still not 100% and that's what i do at night), it was on the topic: "the face of God." there were several people who praised God even through the storm, but i was amazed at the accounts of people shunning Him for the traumatic act. it was if they were almost blaming Him for it. i had to ask my sneezing, snuffling, congested otter pop why they were being so bitter because i couldn't imagine that anyone could take the events as a curse from God. i just didn't realize people of faith could be so faithless. otter pop suggested that they didn't think it was His fault, but they knew He could have stopped it from happening, and didn't.
here's my thought on that:
i wonder how many things God HAS intervened in, but since he has stepped in and stopped it from happening, we don't even know..
i wonder if people realize how much WORSE the events of 9/11 COULD have been...
i wonder how anyone could feel any peace at all in their life, blaming everything bad on their Creator...
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17a
well, what i really want to emphasize is how IF GOD WASN'T... but that's just impossible because the turning wheel keeps on turning and then you get back to Him being the Creator of life. so if He wasn't... we wouldn't even BE. but what i mean to point out is that it is completely miraculous that ANYONE survived and that ESPECIALLY people off of floor 82 (directly below the impact crash) survived!
God is good! satan is a stinker and such a master of trickery to aid people into thinking anything other than the truth. look to what is True. don't be dragged down into satan's lies...
the 10th anniversary of 9.11 is coming up and we need to keep that (above) perspective.

i'm not heartless. i am very sorry for those that lost loved ones in the tragic events of 9/11. my heart breaks to think of all the fatherless and/or motherless children that are living without because of the terrorist attacks. millions of people WERE affected because of it... the Truth doesn't take that away. however, God is there to help and to comfort and to lean on, for those that lost. i will keep praying and doing my part in going out into the world and spreading the Good news so that others may come to know Him and have Him as their helper, comforter, and strong tower!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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Anonymous said...

We watched that same 911 documentary and it was upsetting to me as well that so many people turned on God afterwards. It was further upsetting to me that the Nightline powers-that-be decided to focus on those people who blamed God and decided they didn’t even believe in Him anymore. I’m sure there were more people who said they were hurting but trusting God to bring good out of the tragedy, but they chose not to show that. If there were any terrorists watching that show, I’m sure they were celebrating and saying, “We won! We got what we wanted!”