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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the reason why i'm not a rich appliance maker

when otter pop got done with school, we moved to the city where we live now.  it was right after (like, 2 weeks after) jones was born.  a friend gave us an old washing machine that we used until winter.  we hung our clothes out to dry.  we would've just gotten a dryer, but the washer started flooding or leaking or something to do with water all over our floor. 
we went to home depot and invested in a good set of HEAVY DUTY super capacity plus matching washer and dryer. 
well, when we moved to this side of town, something happened to our washer and it stopped wringing out the clothes well when it'd spin.  still washing them and i'm not a complainer... the only adjustment that i made was that i started having to dry my diaper covers because they wouldn't dry fast enough via air dry.  no biggie.
well a few months ago, something else happened.  but the next day it worked again.  and then a few weeks ago, it started sounding REALLY loud.  like, i was in the back bedroom (complete opposite side of the house) and came out because i thought the kids were throwing things around the house-loud.  that day it stopped agitating.  mid-load. 
so... i called the service people to come out the next day.  she called back and said they couldn't come out until monday (it was thursday) and it'd cost $95 (for nothing other than the guy to come out and make sure it was broke).  well, we need a washer, so i thought, i guess that's what people with washing machines do. 
but then i thought about it.  and otter pop looked at it and googled some stuff.  and we decided we'd start looking through craigslist. 
we found a used washer for $65.  it's not as nice as what we had, but it works.  AND it wrings all the clothes out when it spins!  so, i can stop ruining my diaper covers by drying them... not that i'm using them all that much.  ...
and we got rid of ours this morning.  :(  for free.  we think it needs a new transmission and that's about a $300 fix... which is about how much it cost.  and i think it sucks that companies have started making "heavy duty" machines that don't even last 5 years!  i mean, i know we do a lot of laundry... but to me, heavy duty should AT LEAST last 10 years!!!!!  and that's when they're used heavy duty for the whole 10 years.  but that's what i would do... and that's why i'm not a rich appliance maker. 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Anonymous said...

Oh fiddle sticks. I wrote a comment and now it's gone!

Alexis said...

Everything is junk anymore it seems! We went through similar things with a washer that was only 4 months old! I am glad you got something new!