"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, September 9, 2011

gratituesday on friday (aka looking on the bright side)

i had a hellish night last night.  i'm still not better.  (neither is hub-a-lub)  all day i am just completely drained.  i feel well enough to get out of bed...  i go about my parenting routine doing what NEEDS to be done and nothing more.  i just don't have the energy!  by nap time, i HAVE to lay down with the kids.  yesterday i lasted a little longer and they had two hours of quiet/nap time before i got hit.  but then when 5:30 came along... i just couldn't even live. 
part of the problem, well, ok.  truthfully what happened was that i had soup and sandwiches planned for dinner.  easy for me.  still yummy to eat.  but otter pop woke up and saw me napping and decided that it'd be nice if we'd have pizza for dinner because then i wouldn't have to do anything.  after a few back and forth words on the issue, i said we'd just ask the kids what they'd rather have (because i guess i didn't really want to make dinner but wanted to feel ok about it).  and so we got pizza. 
well, let me tell you.  after being sick for almost a whole week, and not being able to eat much because the amount of mucus you have in you automatically chokes everything back up... pizza is not a good choice.  even if it sounds good.  even if it tastes good. 
i had 2 pieces.  if you know me at all... that's not much!  but it was too much for my i've-been-throwing-everything-up-all-week belly. 
i was miserable after dinner. 
finally i thew some up and felt a little lighter.
then after another hour of misery i threw the rest up.  ah!  and THEN i felt better. 
with this cold, the only time i feel good is at night after i've nasal sprayed my nose and taken a dose of tylenol.  laying down after taking the nasal spray just makes me feel almost normal.  and it's a 12 hour spray... so, it works.  but after not wasting any energy all day and then FINALLY feeling good... then i can't go to sleep (at 8pm).  i have to toss and turn and watch tv for 2-2.5 hours until i can fall fast asleep (10-10:30). 
complain complain complain.  i'm sorry.  but there's more.
last night starboy woke up at 1:30 and was crying/choking/coughing.  honestly he was hardly breathing.  i gave him a breathing treatment and that helped a smidgen, but then he'd cough up his gunk and start crying because it hurt... and then he couldn't breathe again.  i gave him a little cough syrup and then waited.  all the while my slumbering husband was urging me to take him to the ER.  he sounded horrid. 
i couldn't decide if he sounded croupy or if he was really struggling.  knowing what the bug was, i could just tell he was full of snot and couldn't breathe through it and couldn't cough it up.  so, at 2:00, i took him in.
i'm going to shorten this story a little and just say that it was a crazy night in the ER!  there were only 2 empty beds and by the time we got there, he wasn't doing so bad... so we were pushed back on the "emergency schedule".  finally at about 3, i decided we really didn't need to be there.  starboy was wanting to run around the hospital!  so, the dr. came and saw us, and confirmed croup, and gave him a steroid drink and some tylenol (because by that time he started running a fever).  we got home a little before 4.  i was SO SO SOOOOOOOOO tired. 
but again, i couldn't sleep.  now i had a cough that wouldn't go away.  i took the only cough drop i could find -that was more of a sore throat drop.  it completely numbed my mouth and made me choke on my gunk and throw up again. 
so now here's where the gratitude comes in.  when it was time to get up, my lovely mr. love got up and out of bed and got all the kids ready and off to school so that i could continue to sleep a little longer.  i love that i married a man that loves to be a parent.  he never complains about parenting.  he's great at it!
i hate being sick but i sure love my man!!!  even when he's sick.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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Nicnic said...

oiy! sounds like a mess of a time. sorry sister. We're praying for recovery and health for the whole family!