"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Monday, January 30, 2012

years gone by

i found a great blog (a friend of a friend through a friend, or something like that) and loved the idea.  i'm modeling this one after that one, but it won't be the same because i don't even know the girl, so don't worry about plagiarism.
also, i'll see what i can do as far as pictures go...  *note to self, this post would rock-a-diddle if it had pictures!*

last year:  i turned the age that every woman wants to be for the rest of her life.  29.  it was a great year, but i'm looking forward to my 30s... i mean, everyone else has been in their 30s for YEARS it seems!!!

2 years ago: i had a new (3-mo-old is still new, right?) baby boy to snuggle with.  he wasn't very little, but he was such a sweet snuggler.

3 years ago: i helped my little sister plan her wedding.  attended that wedding and witnessed a wonderful thing.

4 years ago:  i was about to have a precious bundle of girl born to me!  she looked different than the others and had a head full of dark beautiful hair! 

the birth though, isn't one of my favorite memories... 
i wanted to go natural but we lived two hours away from my ob.  a week early, one of the drs talked us into being induced because it was february in northwester usa.  weather's unpredictable.  roads are unpredictable.  babies are even more unpredictable in regards to their arrivals!  so, knowing i was going to be induced i decided i'd be firm in everything else.  no breaking water.  no epidural.  etc. 
two hours after arriving, i tell the dr. that was working that day (different than the one i had discussed my induction with the day before) my decisions and he says firmly, "do you want to have this baby or not?!"  well, that should have given me a clue as to what i was going to be dealing with [him] all day. 
it was NOT my birth plan, it was all HIS.  and when it came down to the baby being pushed out he had just laid down to take a nap... so, needless to say, he was NOT HAPPY when i decided to have the baby that day!  after delivering my sweet bundle of goodness he immediately started stitching me up.  and then i decided to deliver the placenta (because it was time).  well, unfortunately he had stitched enough up that the placenta "popped" out.  it busted blood and gore and grossness ALL OVER HIM (and most of the room)!!!!  i felt horrible.  he looked like he could've killed me if there wouldn't have been so many witnesses.  i apologized all over myself.  i was so embarrassed

as i look back, i should have replied, "nope, i'd like to keep this baby IN ME!" to his first question of the morning.  if that didn't work out for me, i really should've kicked him at some point or the other and demanded a dr that had some either compassion or sleep catch my baby!

but anyway, off of that memory and on to the next year.  5 years ago we lived in a lovely little two-bedroom/one bathroom duplex in a tree-infested side of town.  there was shade galore and parks scattered on every corner.  our backyard was this forest-kid-wonderland.  it was small, but an amazing imagination-growing chapel!  almost all of our neighbors had kids and dogs.  and kids and dogs ran amuck in our little circle/culdesac.  it was a great home.  ... i miss a lot about it!

6 years ago, my hubby was nearing the end of his academics in aircraft and propulsion.  i was pregnant and expecing my first son.  later in that year, he was born.  he was cute.  he looked just like the first one, except with different parts.  my smart hubby had his final exam (of some sort, i think it may have been an oral test or something like that.  anyway, it was a huge deal) the same day the little dude was born.  he had to stay in school for another week so that he could reschedule.  we lived in a teeny tiny town in idaho.  it was one of those towns where everyone knows everyone else and their business.  however, it was also amazingly refreshing in a nice-ness.  there was a reservoir just about a mile from where we called home.  there were trains that came through every hour (day and night).  the tracks were in between us and the reservoir.  the trains would literally shake our windows (again i'll reiterate day and night).  again we were surrounded by others with kids.  lots and lots of kids.  if i could give one complaint, it would be those kids.  but i won't.  i'll just leave it as an amazing refreshing in a nice-ness town. 

7 years ago... well, i just posted that post earlier this month.

8 years ago we lived in a different town.  in a different situation.  on a different street.  i had 3 grandparents living.  i had a great job that had just changed owners.  i was a newly wed.  life was good.  really really good.  simple.  steady.  and good.  very very different that the life i have now (not that the life i have now is bad.  no, it's great!  just very different in 8 short years.)

9 years ago i got engaged.  i also got married and became a mom (all in two small words) and pregnant.  that was a big year! 

10 years ago is when i met my mr.  it was march/april 10.  i also graduated from college.

i'm skipping year ten because although it was a great year in a great town with an awesome roommate and millions of changes happening, it's worth skipping.

11 years ago was that tenth year i was just referring about, so i'll forgo it too. 

12 years ago i was getting ready to graduate from high school.  i had a great school and a great time doing it.  but i was soooooo ready to get out and away.  i graduated and was out within a month.  i moved to a camp in paradise and learned a whole new way of life.  i grew up.  all in one summer.

about 13 years ago, i had my first "real" boyfriend.  the kind that takes you out on dates and stuff.  that was a big deal back then. 

and about 16 years ago, my first kiss.  it's stupid now, but it wasn't so stupid then.  (*yeah, i don't have a picture of that!)

18 years ago i made my first team.  in 7th grade, i made the girl's basketball team.  it was awesome.  it was what i wanted to spend the rest of my schooling doing (playing sports).  unfortunately, it was also the last team i ever made.  apparently size does matter.  :(  that still breaks my heart to this day.  it also really irks me that we now live in a big enough town that they start kids trying out for some sports as young as 2nd and 3rd grade. 

20 years ago, there was a huge snow storm where i lived with my two older brothers and one younger sister.  my parents lived with us.  my father farmed and my mom worked a town away as a nurse.  the snow was so deep on our road, that we had to park down at the corner mile-road and walk home (uphill both ways).  the snow drifts were so high, one could only see the snowplow coming through from the huge blast of snow he'd throw above and out into the snow fields.  it wasn't the regular snowplow either.  we had to have the national state of emergency snowplow guy.  we missed so many days of school that year, that they had to lengthen the school day for the rest of the year (once school resumed).  it was worth it though.  we had so much fun sliding down snowdrifts out in our yard/field/driveway.  it was like there was a ski hill just outside our door!  ---only we didn't ski.  it didn't have any lifts.  no one paid us to use it.  etc. etc. etc.---

so that means that about 25 years ago i started school.  i remember riding the bus and being so nervous.  i remember practicing my teacher's name over and over, so if something happened i could just say i was supposed to go to mrs. ostermeier's class.  nothing happened.  everything was fine. 

i met my best friend and did well in school.  recess was filled with running from boys.  25 years is a really long time ago... but i still can remember some things and my emotions fairly well. 

30 years ago, i was born.  happy birthday!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was certainly a fun blog to read. Thanks for posting it and reminding me of all those memories. 30 years ago I was the happiest woman alive because YOU entered our family. God was so good to me--He STILL IS and always will be. lylyly

MamaT said...
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Anonymous said...

edited comment from "Shanna": GREAT way to walk down memory lane. I want to do just for the pure fact that I can't remember prior to like 5 years ago! It's a challenge, and I like it! :) Glad you were born 30 years ago! Happy Birthday!

troybee said...

I remember those Idaho clouds and that awesome snowy winter....

Oh yeah!