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Thursday, January 26, 2012

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! memories

did i tell you we got a wii?  otter pop traded some debt owed to him and an extra toolbox for a wii with about a couple dozen games and accessories.  it's kinda my birthday present.  kinda.  it's for the whole family.  and i don't like video games...  but kinda. 
it's been fun, but it restokes some burning memories in my brain.  of course we didn't have a wii growing up...  we didn't have a nintendo of any sort.  no gameboys... none of those things.  in fact we didn't even have a vcr for most of my years.  i even think we might have had black and white tv for some of my childhood.  maybe not... but close to it.  we never had cable, we lived out in the country and had about 5 channels on a clear day.  but anyway, i'm NOT complaining... i'm totally bragging.  playing wii with my sweet little family makes me remember these things:
  • playing nintendo at piano instructor's house waiting our turn for piano lessons.
  • playing computer games down in my eldest brother's room on his computer.
  • playing nintendo at our good friends, the debliek's house.
in all three of these instances i know i watched my older brothers play 500 times more than i ever played.  watching my kids take turns at the games helps me remember this.  boo is so sweet and patient (reminds me of me), never even asking to take a turn (like me), but being so content just sitting there watching.  ...and then she gets her turn (finally) and she's so excited, and she dies in the first 5 or 6 seconds (or less) and her turn is up. 
wolfie has been awfully unselfish with the games, which has been nice.  however when she plays, the other kids don't pester her or beg to take their turn, they just sit and watch her master level after level without dying.  she knows she can play "after hours" because her bedtime is now 9:30 ---a whole hour plus a half of another after the other kids are in bed!
binkins is a master compared to her younger siblings too, but she possess the will to keep trying (she's a competitive little spirit) even after she dies. 
jones LOVES the idea of playing.  he likes to pick the game and likes to be first and likes to take his turn.  however, he gets discouraged when he dies and easily hands off the remote (or whatever it's called) to his older sister(s) to get him past the hard part --where he keeps dying.  of course (just like my brothers would) those sweet helping sisters will keep the remote for as long as they feel (without his bickering) to "help" him get further along on the level.  --he usually lets them too.  cheering them on the further "he" gets!
i already told you about boo.  and starboy doesn't care.  he'll sit and watch for a little bit if it's a game he's interested in, or if it's a new game.
and then on another hand...  i haven't improved much with my skills.  but i'm better than most of the kids.  probably a little worse than wolfie... or a lot worse, depending on the game and how much she's played it already (at friends' houses). 
otter pop likes to play.  he likes to let boo pretend that she's playing, all the while he's behind her with the remote that's on.  now THAT's fun to watch.  boo got all the way to level three on one game that way.  when she finally died, we all cheered her up and down telling her that no one had gotten that far before!  she's so great!!!  you should've seen her smile.  it was precious.  she then took her seat and watched everyone else die on level one.  :)  it was really cute because she plays with her whole body... where you don't just push a button to jump... the remote has to jump.  (she even jumps sometimes).  you don't just press a button to squat down... the remote goes all the way down to the floor.  and when you press go or turn corners... well, you get the idea.  binkins also does some of these things, but not quite as exaggerated.  as do i.  (it's true)
i never thought i'd like for our family to have a video-game player of any sort, but i'll swallow my pride and confess that i've really enjoyed it.  what are some or your favorite family memories you recollect as your family grows?

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I'm glad Troy brought their Wii on Christmas so now I have an idea of how they work. I had never seen one work until then! Yeah, we still live in the dark ages with our few (free) channels of TV and no video games (other than what you get on Facebook!)

troybee said...

We hooked up the Wii again finally and started playing baseball and enjoyed seeing so many family member miis. :)

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