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Friday, January 13, 2012

preggo update

i had a friend point me in the direction of a cute blog all about this woman's pregnancy, and it was ironic, because i was just thinking how lazy i'd been on keeping track of all the remarkable milestones in this pregnancy.  so, here's a little snippet:  (in questionnaire form.  what better way?!)

Hw far along: o31 Weeks
Total weight gain: it's hard to say.  our scale lost it's batteries, so i'm not sure what my starting weight was.  i think i'm up about 17 pounds, but it could be 27...  or, i could just point out that i'm approximately 50-60 pounds overweight!

Maternity clothes? mostly yes.  ok, all the way yes.  of course!

Stretch marks? no new ones.

Best moment this week: 

Food cravings: sugar!  i want SWEETS!  it's a little different for me... but i'm trying to control it.  especially at night.  i'd really like an ice cream sundae each night at about this time.  or earlier.  or later.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really.  starboy puked this morning and i almost puked cleaning it up... which is unusual, but not really.  i mean, it was gross!

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? it is out.

Wedding rings on or off? off.  i had to cut it off at the beginning of this pregnancy because i couldn't slide it off.  i don't think my hands have gotten swollen at all though.  :(

Looking forward to: tomorrow, i guess.  we have a three-day-weekend, so that's great.  i'd like a good night sleep that would rejuvenate me for a WHOLE DAY!  is that asking too much?!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Alexis said...

I hope you start getting some sleep:) Your almost done! I think the last 10 weeks is the hardest. Something that is a great alternative to tums and really does work is almonds. They have to be raw plus it is a good source of protein:) I will pray for comfort and energy for you!

MamaT said...

interesting to learn because there is a can of almonds in place of my tums right now. just irony. they help me from getting something sweet. i kinda thought they helped, but wondered if it was because they're flavored salt and vinegar (and i've heard vinegar is another natural home remedy for heartburn).

Anonymous said...

I love rainbow sherbet and I could eat it every night (and every day) if I didn't want to look like a blob. lylyly

Kimberly said...

I can't believe you had to cut your ring off! Can they fix that? Crazy.

Amy @ Kitchen and Kids said...

Love your questionnaire format. I haven't posted any updates on my pregnancy, maybe I should???

I am only one week ahead of you. I didn't crave sugar until they told me I was gestational diabetic and couldn't have it, so now ... I want it all of the time.

Do you normally go early or late? I don't ever go into labor - never have and I suppose never will, but the Little Man will be here March 5th.

Thanks for stopping by Kitchen and Kids. BTW, glad your household is back to normal. I cannot even imagine.

MamaT said...

@Kimberly, yes, they can re-solder it if i choose. i was bummed to have become that fat... but alas. so goes life.
@Amy, yes, you should! it's a fun way to preserve memories if nothing else!!!
i normally go late and i've only experienced "natural labor" with my last little guy... however, it wasn't hard enough to do anything. but since i went to the hospital and labored there for 12 hours, i was too excited to just go back home and wait it out, so ...once again... i let them induce me. i'm going to try again for a natural birth. maybe she'll be born in april!