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Sunday, January 29, 2012

monday menu #4 for 2012

i can't decide if i should 1.) make a new menu, even though we only made it half way through last weeks... or 2.) wait.
also, i REALLY (and yes, i meant REALLY) liked the new recipes i tried last week.  so much in fact, that while in my indecisive state, i've already picked out another 5-1/2 recipes from pinterest to try on my next menu.  i guess i'll just make a new menu and make sure i use my fresh ingredients first.  we have a birthday coming up this next week, so i need to make sure and get a birthday dinner from her.  the kids are really excited about a cake too... so i hope to use pinterest ideas for that one!
on to the menu:
maybe i am craving...  because this list is filled with chicken, cheese, cream of's and broccoli!  anyway, that's all, so this PLUS our leftovers/roll-overs from last week should carry us through into february.

what's on YOUR menu?!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Amy @ Kitchen and Kids said...

Your menu sounds good. I haven't had any desire to plan a menu or cook for the last two weeks. I attribute it to getting as big as a house, only 5 more weeks until baby. I would like to get some items in my freezer before the baby.

Actually it looks like a few of these items would be great freezer foods.

MamaT said...

my freezer is filling up! perhaps if these recipes turn out really well, i'll make them again soon and double the recipe. since they are ALL new ones... i won't this time. (just in case). they sure all look good though!
i hope you're feeling energized soon -whether it be from a new baby out of you, or a nesting urge. it's hard to be in such a lull!
take care.