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Friday, January 20, 2012

girl scout cookies anyone???

if any of you would be interested in buying some girl scout cookies, give me a shout.  you can comment me your email address and i won't publish it, but instead get ahold of you with the information you'd need to mail me some money.  each box is $3.75 and there are LOTS of different flavors
if you buy 5 or more, each increment of 5 will get you a coupon that can enter you in a drawing to win another 5 boxes!  so, if you're thinking of buying 4... just go ahead and buy the 5th.  just for the chance! 

i'm not a big fan in promoting sales fundraising from my kids.  so, don't think that i'll be doing it a lot in the future.  however, i am a big fan of girl scout cookies, and think that lots of other people are too.  so, this is a way, that if you love these cookies and if you don't know your own little girl scout representative... i do and i'll hook you up!  also, i'm willing to ship the cookies afar, if you're willing to mail me the money by jan. 29th.

binkins is a daisy scout this year.  it's her first year of girl scouts and she really loves it.  they meet twice a month after school and then usually have an extra fun night each moth as well (with other troops).  if you'd like to know what my girl is working toward, it's a mom and me girl scout camp-out week this summer.  it only costs $75 per person (so, $150 for the both of us).  she's already met her personal goal so that (as long as the other girls meet theirs) her group gets a party... but above and beyond that goal, goes towards funding our week away.  thanks for your help!

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