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Monday, January 2, 2012

monday menu #1 for 2012

we got 2 hams for christmas.  i love that.  i never buy hams but i LOVE me a ham dinner!  here's our menu... we've been waiting for it.  i think we've had corn dogs for dinner twice this past week...
sounds good to me.  fairly simple.  i didn't load it up this week seeming it's the first week of the year...  let's not overload yet!  i've hit a stage in my pregnancy where i really am running out of energy by the end of the day...  really.  so, i might double up some of these recipes for the freezer, but i might not... depending on my energy level and the simplicity of the meal.  i emptied out my freezer last week for christmas company, so now i have room again.  :)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." .


Anonymous said...

Nicole made that chicken broccoli casserole for dinner one night before CHristmas and it sure is good. It would be just as easy to make a double batch as a single and then freeze half. I'll bring those frozen meals back to you so you'll have dinners after the baby arrives. Are you wanting me to come help you again? Or not? I need to make plans soon if I am going to take any time off. lylyly, M

MamaT said...

i make canned bean with bacon soup with a can of milk added instead of water. it's marvelous. it's so good, in fact, that my husband that HATES canned soup really enjoys it. in fact, it was his request that i try and make this homemade because "if a can is this good... i can't imagine how good homemade would be."
so that being said, it wasn't nearly as good as the can!
1.) it was WAY TOO ONIONY. if i try this again, i will delete the onion completely.
2.) even though i tried to "creamify" the author's version by deleting a bit of the broth and adding more milk, it wasn't thick at all. it was too soupy and rather tasteless ~other than the onions.
bottom line: it smelled good, like bean and ham soup, but the taste was really nothing other than onions.
i'd give it a 2 star (out of 7) because even though it wasn't what i was aiming for, it didn't make me throw up. i think my husband will like it too, but if not, that'll go down to a 1 star. none of the kids liked or ate it with pleasure.