"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

our weekend, in letter format

i wrote this email to my brother this morning and thought it was informative enough to share details with all my faithful readers...
dear readers,
we spent the weekend sick.  starboy threw up friday morning and was sick all day only wanting to cuddle up and die (he had diarhea too). 

he couldn't keep anything down but soda crackers and sweet water.  his energy picked up a smidgen that evening, but i could still tell he wasn't feeling great.  on saturday, he seemed fine and he didn't throw up that night.  he still had vicious diarhea, but he had energy and smiles.  i took jones and boo to lowe's to participate in their "build and grow" projects they put on (look it up if you have a lowe's near you).  we were ALMOST done when jones said he had to barf and then proceeded to do so... slowly.  thankfully he was slow enough at it that i put the bag from the project under him and there was only a small few drips on the floor and his coat.  we went home and he didn't seem to  lack energy for the rest of the day... or appetite.  he also didn't have diarhea, but i made him lay down and keep his germs to himself. 
that night at dinner (which we all ate a little of), boo shared her eating utensil with starboy.  i was afraid i'd be up all night with her.  however, her bed is so big, she's been known to barf, roll over, and then go back to sleep.  binkins went to stay with nana for the weekend (to celebrate her 7th year of living), so when i woke at 1am to go to the pot and barf, i then went in to check on boo.  she was fine.  however, wolfie popped up and grumbled, "i don't feel too well."  i told her to rush to the toilet because it came on really fast with me.  she said it was just a bad headache, so i got her some ibuprophen and sent her back to the bed.  she reassured me that she wasn't upset to the stomach at all, so i kept the puke bucket all to myself.  at 2pm i had to get up again for the other end... i took the bucket with me and used them both.  finally i went back to sleep but i felt really lousy (i'm talking REALLY LOUSY = no energy, nausiated with the runs, and crappy) all day.  starboy still had the runs and by day 3 pretty much knew that if he felt even a little toot, that he needed to run to the toilet.  unfortunately for me because i couldn't run and i felt like throwing up or pooping everytime i SAW the toilet (which was about every 5 minutes all day long with starboy's toots.)
nobody else seemed to be sick, so when sophie called to bring binkins home and pick wolfie up for some community service i arranged for some friends to come get binkins so she wouldn't have to be exposed at all.  [if you've caught on to the pattern though, i'm going to start the next sentence with a "however".]  HOWEVER, as she exited sophie's car, her cheeks were full.  she burst into the house and ran straight to the pot to barf her little brains out as well.  she felt like crud the rest of the day as i started feeling an itty bit better each hour.  she ended off her night with the bucket beside her, slowly filling it in her slumber.  :(
yesterday went well.  we all were feeling MUCH better and didn't have any puking episodes.  in fact, starboy even had a solid bowel.  i was feeling like there was a light at then end of our tunnel of sickness.  [wait for it...] HOWEVER, after putting the boys to bed, about a half hour later, otter pop called me into the boys' room because starboy had barf ALL OVER HIM and his pillow, and a blanket! 
so we got him all cleaned up and sheets changed and areas disinfected and air freshened... and put both the boys back to bed.  nothing else happened last night.  everyone seems fine today, including starboy.  the kids all went to school but i called and told the teacher i wouldn't be volunteering because (of course) my babysitter didn't want a kid who barfed just last night over infecting her kids.  i, personally, think he just filled his little tummy too full with dinner (after it had shrunk up all weekend long) and then when he laid down it made his little tummy mad.  BUT, if i were her, i wouldn't want him over at my house either.  puking sucks.  his diarhea is gone though for sure.  he's not lacking energy or anything.  i think he's fine.  and the lady that i babysit for is fine with her kids coming over... so that's my plan for the day.  i also have to make a snack for binkin's girl scouts meeting tomorrow.  btw, are you interested in any gs cookies?!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


troybee said...

Oh yes, this looks familiar. ;)

Kimberly said...

Yikes! You guys need some fresh air and sunshine. :)

MamaT said...

we definately got the fresh air today... no sunshine though, but i'm glad of that! the snow's already disappearing without it!!!

Liz said...

we had about the same kind of weekend. aaron threw up friday night, but during the night and next day he was fine, so we headed across the state for the wedding. I could tell he wasn't feeling great, but didn't know what else we could do. Made it through saturday and then sunday woke up to not feeling good myself and aige was throwing up. I thought for sure the five hours back home would be the longest of my life. we'd be sure to have to stop every five minutes to clean up puke or use the bathroom. Thankfully, the kids fell asleep early on in the trip and slept most of the way home. I, although, was anxious the whole way any time I heard a cough or movement, on top of feeling nauseous and worried I'd need to use a bathroom. It passed through us pretty quickly, we were back to normal monday. But, for the rest of my family, we got them all sick too. :(

Nicnic said...

whew. that sounds like a lot of things exiting the bodies of the family. UHG! no fun, glad you and the gang are feeling better!