"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, March 4, 2011

true beauty

my dear daughters (and sons too, i suppose),
i want you to know that you are beautiful.  God TOTALLY knew what he was doing when He created you.  everything about you is so pretty (or handsome).  your uniqueness is awesome!  it's so neat to know that in the history of mankind, there has NEVER EVER been someone exactly like you.  EVER!  (and that's a whole lot of peeps!!!) 

you may not like your nose, or the shape of your eyebrows.  you may think that your ears stick out too much, or that your lip line is too thin.  you look at everyone else so much that you think there are things wrong with you, but remember THEY are looking at YOU the same way! 

they compare their looks to your looks and think THEY want to look more like YOU...  but that doesn't even matter.  you're beautiful!
i know, you don't believe me.  i don't care.  it doesn't matter.  God, knows and He agrees with me!!!!  God, the creator of the universe, loves you and everything about you.  He MADE you just the way you are because He thought it was perfectly perfect for the YOU He had in mind. 

i don't have holes in my ears.  why?  because God didn't put them there.  i guess he thought they looked fine without jewelry hanging from them. 
i don't pull out the hairs that i think are misplaced --just like i don't shave most hairs that i think don't belong.  why?  because God put them there and He thought they looked good or were purposeful in those places.  my eyebrows might not look like the face-model's eyebrows but they do look like God wanted them to!
i wear make-up when i feel like it, but i sure don't feel like i HAVE to!  people say it's because i have a good complexion, but i think i have my complexion because i don't wear make-up.  and really it's not good or great... it's just normal.  do i look prettier when i do wear make-up?  no.  i just look different.  God made me without make-up, so i look just the way He wanted me to look!  God thinks i look pretty!  (so does your dad.)

what else?  it doesn't matter.  you get the point.  right?  let's be real.  be comfortable with yourself.  be comfortable with who God made you to be and HOW he made you! 

true beauty is found on the inside anyway.  so even if you choose to put holes in your body to adorn jewelry on, or pull out hairs that you don't like, or shave your hairs you detest, or wear make-up... you're not making yourself any more beautiful than you were before you did it... just different.  because the beauty that matters is found not in the way you look, but in the way that you act!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Jonathan and Telcia said...

TO ALL OF MY NIECES, it's not that God is agreeing with us, but because we believe, we are agreeing with the Most High.

It's one thing to have other people admire your outer beauty (and they DO), but it's a total nother thing that the Most High had an awesome idea and YOU ARE THE MANIFESTATION OF HIS IDEA!

I do think you'll all be way more beautiful in heaven. I think our outer appearance reflects our inner dwelling. In heaven, you won't be tainted with sin, and when people admire your beauty, they will be SEEING YOU FOR WHO YOU TRULY ARE!
And this is why God admires you, because that's exactly how He sees you.
Your eyebrows, hair, lips, noses, ears, figures, all that is His masterpiece. The more you do to change your appearance, the more you are just creating your own masterpiece. God gives us this freedom, but it's not true freedom. It's beauty the way the world imagines it. Ultimately, it's the world's artwork. Pretty, sure, look at the temples and towers and bridges and boundaries man has built.
Then look at the mountains and sunsets (or sunrises, if you are awake) and forests and oceans and rivers---YOU ARE FAR MORE PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL TO GOD THAN ALL THAT!
and to ME too!

tears to Truth,

MamaT said...

beautifully written. maybe i'll delete my post and post your letter instead! ;) love you, beautiful sister

Trenicker said...

thanks Auntelcia! I'll read that to Ila!
Thanks aunt_________. God made some pretty special kiddos when he made yours!

Kathleen said...

Hi, I'm just visiting on your link from Raising Homemakers. I enjoyed reading this post. You have beautiful daughters and I'm sure they'll respond to your example. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with me today.