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Sunday, March 20, 2011

the messiah

i read a great book this past week.  it was about the life of mary, mother of Jesus.  it was wonderful.  the book was entitled, unafraid by francine rivers.  i love francine rivers.  she's an awesome author! 
the book gave me a whole new perspective on the second coming of Christ.  God works in mysterious ways and sometimes when we look forward to something, we get an idea in our head of how we want it to happen.  God knows a much bigger picture and His way is best.  we need to continue our faith in complete trust of His will... 
did you know that mary had an older sister named mary?  did you know the name mary means "sea of bitterness"?  back in the day, not only did the parents want a son to carry on the family name (which perhaps you can imagine was vital), but also for the chance at having their son be the messiah.  mary's parents were bitter (doubly bitter) that they weren't given that opportunity in either of their offspring.  
i recommend this book, unafraid by francine rivers to anyone.  it's available at our library, so i'd suggest you see if you could check it out at yours...  francine rivers writes a series of five books like this one about five women in Christ's lineage. 
i also read unshaken, the one about ruth's life.  it also was very insightful and fun to read.  it was eye opening at the steadfast faith ruth had, especially as a new believer.  it was inspiring.  prayer really works! 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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