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Sunday, March 6, 2011

menu time!!! (can i hear a woop woop?!)

i just made a quick menu and am working on getting a grocery list prepared.  it was ironic that the last menu i made was kinda giving me a down feeling... nothing new.  but two of the meals were such a hit that i couldn't help but smile at God's grace in giving me such easy kids and a thankful family even when meals are boring! 
so, here's the menu for the next two weeks:
  • that most delicious tortilla soup extravaganza recipe i ran across!  oh, my mouth's watering just thinking about it...
  • meatloaf muffins: you just make meatloaf and put them in muffin tins and cave out a little ... uh cave? ... on the top and that's where you load up some mashed taters and sprinkle with cheese.
  • new recipe:  balsamic glazed pork chops with basil rice pilaf .  um.  yum?!  we'll see.  :)
  • chicken and broccoli and rice casserole
  • gourmet tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  last time i tried this i made tomato soup with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches... we'll switcheroo since the kids like plain sandwiches better and that makes it a heck of a lot easier for me!!!
  • 'nother new recipe:  coconut chicken curry soup with jasmine rice .  um.  'nother yum?!  i hope.  :)
  • stuffed shells with fresh green salad.
  • gramma's goulash with cottage cheese.  -i might just post this recipe, since it's another family recipe we all love!!!
  • BLT's with avocados and a super-happy husband
  • spaghetti . maybe veggie spaghetti, maybe not.  we'll see how i feel...
so, what're you havin'?  you wanna share your menu?!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Trenicker said...

sounds like a yummy 2 weeks in your house.
I should get you my chichen tortilla soup recipe. i'm pretty convinced it't the greatest in the world and I made it for guests a few weeks ago and they told me I could open a restaurant with it!