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Thursday, March 3, 2011

staying positive

i had my little prayer group today and it was great as usual.  one of my favorite topics of the meeting ended up centering around staying positive.  i don't feel like i'm a negative person, or that i'm constantly struggling with seeing the bright side of life, but it's always good to do an assessment and see if there are some areas in which you're focus is skewed. 
sometimes i find it hard to find positive reinforcements or positive discipline techniques.  lots of times i have to ask for suggestions just because i really struggle in thinking them up. 
sometimes i struggle with fighting pride or selfishness or self-centered thinking in my children so much that i end up nit-picking them in turn gearing them towards perfectionism in them self.  perfectionism leads to such an unhappy life... i wish i could catch myself in the act more often and slap me right out of it.  however, in balancing out healthy, happy, humble but self-assured children we also make sure and give the kids lots of praise and character compliments.  we're so far from perfect but we sure try hard to do the best with the gifts God has given us!
anyway, back to the subject of staying positive.  in our study it was brought up something along the lines of when reading the Bible to search for the TRUTHS about God in each verse.  or, like, when reading a verse i will write down what it says about God.  in psalms 31 i did it and here are some of words i used to describe God:  trustworthy, deliverer, listener, strong rock, saviour, defender, my rock and my fortress, guide, leader, my strength, redeemer, truth, merciful... (and that's just 6 verses)! 
so... maybe you can try it, but what comes from it is adoration for the Lord.  He is SO MUCH!  and it's all good.  and it turns your thoughts positive.  and good things come from positive thinking. 
something we do with our kiddos is when we find negativity in their heart or words or whatnot, we ask them to find three positive things to say or think on instead.  it's the same idea. 
turn your thoughts positive.  look to the goodness of God when you feel your life becoming negative.  smile.  laugh.  love.  pray! 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Liz said...

i've really liked your last few posts. lately i've not felt a lot of positive things are going on. even though i know there are a lot of things to be positive about. you are awesome! :D