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Thursday, November 25, 2010

you shave your legs for this???

so a few days ago... well, on sunday i wore a skirt to church.  yeah, that's normal, yeah, so what? 
well, i don't shave my legs. 
i don't because i don't like to.  i hate shaving!  armpits i can handle: a few swipes under each arm... no big deal.  plus, hairy armpits make me itch... and it might be in my head, but i think they make me sweat more too.  and when you're already a sweat-machine... you do what it takes to make LESS SWEAT!  but legs?  big deal! 
i've even got about the shortest legs out there and it takes too long!  plus, you've got the balancing act.  hair all over the bathtub.  missed spots.  ....  does anyone really LIKE to shave their legs?!?! 
so... why can't women have hairy legs?  why is it such a social taboo?  why can't i feel comfortable wearing a skirt that show my hairy legs?  anytime i let the secret out that i don't shave i get all sorts of grief.  "that's so gross" "cover those up"
well, i don't.  and i don't want to.  and i don't think women HAVE TO SHAVE!  i don't think the hair really has a purpose, but i sure as heck don't think it HAS TO BE removed either.  there are a lot of parts to our anatomy that we may not realize their purpose or think "golly, this is definately not the most asthetic thing about the human", but do we slice all of those items off our body in retaliation?  or, i should rephrase that, do we HAVE to slice all of those items off to be socially acceptable?!  why leghairs? 
as bold as i am with my convictions on shaving, i STILL (after about 9 years) feel like i have to protect the public from looking at my feminine hairly legs. 
after marrying my bow, i started shaving my legs during the summer.  he likes them smooth, and i decided i had gone on long enough making my statement.  well, it did something to me and now i just can't let people see my hairy legs.  thankfully on sunday when i wore my skirt to church it was cold and so i passed off the "protecting the public covering" as protection from the cold (leggings).  but tuesday i had to wear a skirt and i had to look professional (which, the leggings did NOT look!)...  so, i HAD to SHAVE MY LEGS to look PROFESSIONAL! 
yes, you heard me right...  i guess it is unprofessional to have hairy legs... 

more on this to come if i can get some copyright permission from a hairy-legged author. 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Trenicker said...

i hate when my legs get too hairy, especially in the winter. I don't think socks feel good when there is hair on my legs. it's like the socks pull at my hair. And wearing tights with hairy legs really hurts! All this to say, I actually don't mind shaving my legs. I don't do it very often, and maybe that is why, but I love the way my smooth legs feel! And, strangely enough, I actually feel warmer when my legs are shaved....I don't know why, but I do!