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Sunday, November 28, 2010

more on unshaven legs...

hairy man legs
i ran across this essay that was emailed to me YEARS ago by a sweet friend.  i remembered it and looked it back up.  it is a bit foul-mouthed, so beware.  but i LOVED this essay!  it's about a girl, like me, who's hairy.  she lives her whole life being embarrassed by her hair (everywhere).  as she gets older, she realizes she's making a big deal out of... hair! and decides to stop.  she gets a lot of grief, but after a trip to asia, goes along with her instinct to just give up on the social norm of shaving.  you'll have to read the essay to find out the ending to this, but i just wanted to rant on how i related to the story in a lot of ways. 
back when i lived in twin falls and worked at the harley shop --when i just started to let my legs grow wild-- i felt like i didn't care what people thought... however, i was always so self conscience of wearing anything that showed them.  (of course i got so much crap from EVERYONE even though none of them ever saw them).  one of my favorite attractions to otter pop was when he found out that i didn't shave my legs.  instead of ridiculing me he asked if he could feel them!!!!!  i thought that was amazing. 
in twin falls, it was hard for me to be myself because everyone wants to be "normal".  i learned a lot about me, and i'm glad that i learned all that i did before getting hitched and becoming one with someone else. 
i think that everyone is so unique and special, but we're all wrapped up in being like everyone else that we don't even really know who we are. 
i love that in this essay it took ---what else, but competition to completely put carissa's insecurities at ease.  that's a whole 'nother blog in itself isn't it?!!! 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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