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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

harvest decor

i posted an earlier blog called "my creativity is oozing" and also promised in "apology" to get on my idea-wagon and decorate our home with some fall festivities.  well, believe it or not, i did.  i yanked and pulled at all of my creativeness and came up with something REMARKABLE!  i started with these to work with:

this is on our mantle, i love the Nativity.  i like to be reminded of Christ's birth year-round... so it's always up.

i should point out right now that most of the time i WILL NOT clean or straighten the house (or myself) for the photos i place in this blog.  i'm a real person.  we LiVE in our home.  it doesn't look perfect and neither do i.  if it offends any readers that my home isn't perfect, go read someone else's blog.  i've read so many blogs out there... there are PLENTY of perfect-homemaking blogs out there!  i enjoy my family and i do what i can to keep our home tidy.  god made me the way he did and i don't feel the desire to make myself up as someone else (most of the time). 
but, anyway... with all of my creative juices, i came up with this:

i moved the Nativity scene over to the dresser.

and now this is over the mantle with some fall artwork the girls brought home from school.  it was annoying to have this on the table all the time anyway.

i think i did an amazing job (especially pulling in the potatoes.  tying in a bit of idaho.  briliant, aren't i?!)  what do you think?!  it was fun...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


troydanielbecker said...

looks good!

Trenicker said...

love it. Especially the smiling faces on the piano!

Anonymous said...

you meant "posted" I think, not promised. I was like HUGH?! :)
I love the potato-parts too. And your house looks beautiful. No offense taken. :D btw now. (Back To Work)..... me, that is, not you. you can take a break.
my love to all,