"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

StarBoy has his first birthday!

October 31, 2010
my dear sweet starboy,
i have loved you for far longer than 1 year.  you are so precious to me.  you are such a blessing!  you add so much to our family, it's hard to imagine we lived a normal life without you. 

a year ago, i pushed hard enough for you to plop out into your fathers hands.  you were SO BIG and SO BEAUTIFUL!  i loved your dark head of hair and your soft perfect skin.  i couldn't believe how well you latched on as soon as i gave you the opportunity.  you've continued to be a good eater, only being picky with green beans, but after a few tries you decided to like them.  you really like them in the normal form!  you are not so crazy about peas in their normal form...  you had some bowel problems early on, but you're all figured out now and i think it won't be another year before you decide the potty's a better place to go. 
everyone oogles and ahgles over your cuteness.  you've spent the majority of your life so shy and scared of strangers.  you're getting over that finally, every day is a little better.  i still feel like you'd rather be home with all of us, than surrounded by a plethera of people... but now you cope much better.  not nearly as many tears.  you've always been sweetly attached to me and daddy.  it didn't take long at all for you to recognize our voices, smells, shapes, etc.  you've always loved to watch me and i love that.  you captivated me so early by that sweet love.  you love your daddy's ears and hair.  they're so fun to play with and poke and pet. 
one thing that i adore about you is how you nurse.  you remind me of a baby kitten.  your whole body gets into the feeding, not just your sucker.  you still kick like crazy when you nurse.  no one likes to sit by me when you're nursing because you kick them away. 
your siblings love to make you smile and that's not hard for them to do.  you are crazy about them!  as soon as you wake up, you're so eager to go out and say hi to anyone who's here.  you love it when they'll wave and greet you.  now that you're walking, it's fun to see you interact with each of your siblings.  it's obvious how much you love them because of how much you tolerate from them. 
you came out screaming in this high pitched cry and you still use it today.  it gets attention and i hope you realize that you can get better attention in other ways.  you're sweet, cute, and i'm so delighted that God blessed us with you.  i am eager to watch you grow up and my hope is that you'll learn to love and fear your heavenly father and live a life in obedience to His will.

i love you, son.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Trenicker said...

beautifully written. He is such a star that boy of yours. I sure love him, and you!

Liz said...

Now when and why did you start a blog on blogger? Not that I mind, I think it's great!