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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just when I thought...

We try to go swimming every week.  I have life jackets for starboy and buttercup.  I have starboy his introductory lessons last year, but now with a new turbo, I'm not ok with him just being free.  I'm not really ever in an arms reach of him.  He's VERY quick and he's the biggest daredevil I've ever known.  He does flips off the side, even with a life jacket!
However the life jacket is almost counter-active in the kiddie pool.  So I let them go without in the kiddie pool.   So that they can get used to playing in the water and actually trying to swim.  Practicing, if you will.
Today starboy was going back and forth. Jacket on and off...  He and jones were playing together in the kiddie pool and then darted off before re-jacketing!!!  I had just been handed a crying turbo, but off I ran after them!
I got to the deep pool to -sure enough- see a panicked starboy kicking his legs as frantically as possible, trying to get his head up high enough to yell.  
There was a big boy -teenager- in just an arms reach from him.  I yelled, "hey!  Grab that boy for me would you?!"  And saved his life!!!!
I was shaking so bad!
I grabbed him out of the pool, thanked the teen, and told him to come sit with me.  He grabbed his life jacket and was off playing again before I knew it!  It didn't even phase him!  
On the way home I let everyone know how scary what happened really was.  I tried to let starboy know how close he really was to death...  Sigh...  And we all prayed a thanks to God for saving his life!  For giving me the right eyes at the right time!  For putting a big kid right in the right spot!  

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