"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Wolfe and I are trying to start a Monday/Wednesday workout schedule.  It's at 9am.  On Monday they do a boot camp workout.  On Wednesday they do a Zumba workout.  I'm not excited about Zumba but wolfie is.
We made it to the pool twice this week.  Ms. Bridgette invited us to their community pool yesterday and today was out at ms. Rhonda's.  The weather has cooled down dramatically and it is perfectly LOVELY!!!!
I planted some tomatoes and am looking for some herbs that thrive in the shade for the side of the house.  I am praying that mackintosh leaves the tomatoes alone.  Otherwise I might just turn him into ketchup!
Binkles and Boo and grandma mammy had a great time at GS camp!  And we had a real fun weekend without them!  It was so nice to have otter pop off work for three days straight!
We haven't been dirt biking.  Otter pop has loaded up his off time with motorcycle side-work.  That's a bummer now that my belly is gone and Turbo is doing well.
Turbo turned two months this last week.  He's doing really well.  Binkles and boo have been anxiously waiting for me to teach them how to change a diaper.  ...weird girls!!!  But he's getting stronger and less fragile. They are able to pick him up and hold him now.  Not Starboy and buttercup though, of course.  He's gained 2 pounds and is in size 3-6mo clothes. He coos and giggles at us daily.  
Jones is talking about joining a swim team.  Binkles wants to do soccer.  I've been talking to the school office ladies about starting s Girl Scout troop at the kids' school... IF I can find enough volunteer help.  Otherwise we might not do GS this next year.  
Otter Pop is kinda looking into helping with a Boy Scout troop for Jones and Starboy too.
Wolfie is working lots!

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