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Monday, February 9, 2015

What's your name?

Here's a humbling post...
Today I had a dr's appointment.  Just a regular I'm-in-my-3rd-trimester appointment.  Glucose screening, rh-gam shot, etc
The nurse was a new one.  She was fairly overweight.  Starboy asked her if she was pregnant too...  (I HATE THAT!). She was sweet and replied that she was just chubby.  He didn't know what that meant, so when she left the room and he caught sight as to what she was carrying behind her, he had no filter in exclaiming, "she's got a big butt!"  
He had to apologize.  
Next, down in the lab for the glucose screening, buttercup was the verbal one. She kept answering "what's you name?" With, "my names is buttercup".  Totes presh since that is what we called her three years ago...  I have no idea where she heard it or got it though.  It is a lot more understandable that her 2-y-o pronunciation of her name though.  It doesn't end there though,  she then also throws in the obvious lie about her age.  "I'm six." Oh boy the girls really were getting a kick out of her!  That's when she asked, "what's your name?"  The one answered, Megan (or whatever) and the other said, "you can call me Andy."  To that, Starboy couldn't keep quiet any longer.  He retorted, "your name is 'you can call me Andy'????"  Holy smokes my kids are smart Alec's!!!!!  (As we left they told me that They both really thought my kids are the funniest kids ever!)
After that, we tramped back upstairs to the heavy nurse.  The kids were instructed to please just keep quiet.  I was impressed that they both were very interested in watching me get me shots.  I thought that was interesting.  But I wasn't impressed when the big reared lady left ahead of us and as we walked passed the nurses station Starboy turned and asked me (not real loud, but just loud enough), "does everybody shake their butt when they walk?!?!!!"

...and that's the end of that visit...

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