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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I've been having this horrible pain in my hips.  I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but I think for about a month it's progressively been getting worse.  Yesterday it was almost crippling.  It hurts the most when I walk.  It hurts in my whole pelvic region, but even just standing I feel like I need support between by legs.  When I take steps it hurts everywhere (in my pelvic region) extremely bad.  I have to walk funny, not that that makes it hurt less though.  I had almost convinced myself that 33 just must be too old for this body to be pregnant.  As I've stated before, I love to be pregnant!  My complaints are kept to a very minimum because 1.) I don't have many, but also 2.) I want to stay positive. This pregnancy has been different.  I am still enjoying it, but crimeny!  I've sure had lots of aches and pains!!!
Yesterday while I was stretching I decided that I needed to do something besides grin and bare it.  I could tell it was getting worse and I was even starting to get cranky because it was hurting so much.  So i called the chiropractor down the road.  I was immediately seen and afterwards the pain was 90% gone.  It doesn't hurt when I walk any more!!!!
The quack said my legs were 2 inches different in length because my hips were misaligned.  Thankfully since my joints are so loose (a benefit and curse to pregnancy) it didn't take much for them to go back to where they belong.  I am so relieved to be out of that pain and also to know it wasn't my old age causing it!!!!  😄

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Nicnic said...

this is EXACTLY what I went through this pregnancy and the chiro was the ONLY person who could give me relief. check out Symphysis Pubis Disorder and let me know if THAT is the pain your having, along with hip pain!