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Saturday, February 21, 2015

30 weeks

I had to visit the chiropractor again last week.  Turbo feels to be growing ginormous, but isn't feeling cramped.  He twists and turns and stretches and dances just like he did 10 weeks ago!
I had someone ask on Thursday, "any day now?"  Yikes!!!  I said, "not at all!" And thought I must be looking and acting miserable...  Oops.  I was sitting while everyone else stood, but 1.) I didn't know how long we'd be, and 2.) it was after 8 and usually I'm in bed at that time!  
I am tiring easily and lazying around a lot.  It's been beautiful outside but yet I choose indoor activityless activities.  I feel very big and am more uncomfortable.  I am also rather cranky.  I can last and I don't feel like complaining to anyone (other than my husband), but I thought I'd keep it real here too.  33 might just be too old for this lady.
I'm signed up for a hypnobirthing class for Otter Pop and myself.  I am looking forward to it as I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for birthing this babe.  I would love to have the will power to calm myself down and shut my brain off from my fear.  After starboy was born I chuckled at my dr's diagnosis of me having a "lazy uterus".  What I realized is that I get scared of the pain and my brain, lovingly responds with obedience: telling the uterus that it's time to relax for a bit.  I don't have a lazy uterus, I have a obedient uterus and a loving brain.  My body was designed for this, it is good at it, it knows what to do if I just let it!  I can do this!!!
It makes me feel nice that so many people tell me that I'm beautiful as a pregnant woman.  They say I have "the glow".  That's nice to hear, although I feel this way.  I love being pregnant and I love my gigantic belly.  He's sweet.  It's so fun to feel him jumping and moving around.  .. It's worth the uncomfortable pain that it causes.  I'm growing a live child inside me!!!!!!

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