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Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl Scout season

In mid January each year Girl Scouts deems it a good time of year to promote cookie sales.  I'm not sure why... If they are against all the new year's resoluters that want to get their health on track... If they think that after a good Christmas season people have lots of $4 bills lying around...  I'm not sure.  A few years back, the GS cookie season was delayed about a month and even though it was a much busier time of the year (because spring sports had started up), it was SO MUCH NICER for selling cookies!!!!!!
Anyway, we participate in this one fundraising event for a few reasons.  The first reason being: if we sell enough cookies it pays for our way to GS camp in the summer.  But also, it has been a huge growing process for the girls.  It takes them from quiet, unsure, and timid, to confident in one season of selling.  Lastly, people actually want to buy the cookies.  There are honestly a good percentage of people who anxiously wait for cookie booths to pop up so they can get their GS cookie fix.  Seriously.  They aren't hard to sell, because they're so yummy!  
Unfortunately, this year I will be with infant during the fun summer months of camping and won't be able to join my little girls at GS camp!  AND the prices to camp were hiked up!  The girls decided to invite Mammy, their grandma, to join them at camp in my stead.  
The girls each had a goal of 300-400 boxes to sell.  That's a good goal, but for 2 girls in the same family... It's a BIG goal!  
After presales, both girls are just around 200 boxes!
I am very proud of these hard working girls.  This Saturday, the 2 girls and I will be spending the whole day at otter pop's work in hopes to sell the last 200 boxes of cookies.  
Hopefully this evening, we will busy ourselves making signs and banners promoting the sales booth.  The boys have a fun date of going to watch monster trucks do monster-like things...
If you haven't purchased any GS cookies, and want to, or you don't, but you'll probably be tempted to buy them outside your local market... Message me.  I'll hook you up with one of the cutest, smartest, and most dazzling GS to get you what you want!

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