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Saturday, February 14, 2015

29 weeks and celebrating in Love

Here's some brief news or just updates:
My pelvic pain has been relieved for the most part.  I credit it to 1.) prayer and God.  2.) the chiropractor and then 3.) stretches and exercises to help strengthen and stretch the ligaments correctly.  I have noticed that pushing heavy shopping carts must trigger the pelvis into moving.  Unfortunately, that's something I'm unable to avoid...
Turbo has been a moving monster lately.  My baby's rump and/or head (probably about the same size?) fits in the cup of my palm right now.  I'm not guessing, I know this.  He stuck out his big part and it was so far out I could cup it in my palm.  That's how I measured him.
The kids are going alright.  We caught another little cold that's hitting some a little harder than others, but it's not the worse thing, do we keep on pushing through and pushing oils.  My favorite remedy for this past one is rubbing onguard melaleuca on the throat glands and throat area.  It's been a laryngitis bug.  Also, I think the lifelong vitality pack vitamins have also aided in better health and immune support.  My dr really wants me to answer yes to the question, "have you been taking prenatals?" And she told me that any vitamins count including the gummy chews...  So I'm taking top of the line vitamins and reaping the benefits!

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