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Saturday, September 4, 2010

first day of school!!! first day of school!!!

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the girls started school this past week.  it has been so different, but we all love it!  aleemay is in the morning kindergarden class.  "aige", her lifelong friend (up to this point) was also placed in the same class...  she just LOVES it.  as she got off the bus the first day, she turned to her daddy and asked, "can i go again tomorrow?!"  she has met lots of new people.  it's disheartening some of the "naughty" stories she sees.  we were talking to her about her behavior when otter pop reminded her to stay away from the naughty boys.  she looked at him in all seriousness and said, "oh no daddy.  jones stays home.  he's not old enough to go to school yet!"  we couldn't contain our laughter.  aleemay really is a good little unit.  one morning, not too long ago, she came in my bedroom while i was doing my devotions to tattle on adejay for doing something like throwing something at her (i don't remember specifically what it was).  i was distracted and annoyed because i really don't like the kids to tattle on eachother.  ---we've been working on them talking through their conflict and handling it safely on their own by using WISE choices--- anyway, i told her, why don't you go throw it back at her (in my sarcastic and distracted way).  she said, no mom.  and i asked, well why not?  and she replied, "because two wrongs don't make a right."  i had to stop what i was doing to tell her what a wise choice that was and give her a big hug and kiss.  what a gal!
adejay really loves school too.  she has had some pretty bad experiences in public school and was mostly anxious with a little excitement and a little fear in regards to going back to public school.  she's grown up a TON since she was last in the school setting though.  she's learned a lot and i think it's been really good for her to be taken out of such a social setting for the past few years.  anyway she tried out for choir and show-choir.  (i think show choir might be something like a broadway musical class???).  we were really bummed when she didn't make either of them.  she had a good outlook on it though.  1st of all they just told her they didn't have enough spots for her, which she understood  but 2nd she later that day found out that those that were in either of the choir classes weren't able to take art class.  so she ended up being really happy that she didn't make it because she loves art!  she's been coming home each day with happy stories to tell and it's been fun to chat with her each evening about the day.  both girls will talk and talk and talk about what happened in their days.  i like that.  i hope they don't sink into the "nothing" mode when asked about their day...  it's a delight to see their love of school!  adejay has been internally struggling about her popularity at this new school.  she made the switch at a very good time seeming that 6th graders make moves to new schools in every school in our district.  6th grade moves up to middle school so there are LOTS of new kids in her class.  she's baffled at how many of the know her name and want to be her friend when she's never met them and stuff.  anyway, she keeps coming home and telling me that she's trying to make good choices and do what's right but all these kids know her name and she's afraid she's going to turn out popular and what do i think...  it's so funny.  i had to remind her that being popular isn't always a bad thing.  (in all of her previous schools the popular girls have always been so mean to her.)  being popular just means that lots of people know who you are.  there's really nothing you can do about being popular other than being yourself and letting your character speak for itself.  i love that girl.  she's something else!!!!!
jones' doing well at home.  we haven't started a school routine for him yet because we're still just trying to iron out the kinks of this new schedule and stuff.  there already has been less fighting (of course) and it just is nice to have 3 at home to myself each morning.  when aleemay gets home at 12:30ish i have her sit down and eat lunch with starboy and myself while jones and boo start in on their quiet times.  it's been halfway successfull.  after our lunch i put starboy down and try to sit and read with aleemay (and jones if he'll be quiet).  after quiet time i usually let them have some play time while i try and get dinner started.  by the time adejay comes home we have a peacefull and playfull house that she can sit and do homework to. 
starboy cut his two bottom teeth this last month.  he took a few steps the day before yesterday.  he is so fun and playful, but such a homebody.  he doesn't like strangers at all!  he says dada and papa and dog.  he loves to wave and mimic hand motions.  he LOVES to give high fives.  he screams a lot...
there is probably so much more to report but i'm going to cut it off here.  this is enough to chew on until next time. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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