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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

seven years later

Aug 11, 2010

seven years later

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otter pop was loaned a rental bike for this past weekend.  we had a few weeks prep time, but i was just at a loss as of what we could actually do.  i mean, what can you do with five kids, even with two weeks notice, when one kid is attached (literally) to you every four hours???
we brainstormed and decided to play it by the seat of our pants.  sophie took monday off and said she'd watch the kids all weekend.  we still weren't sure what we'd do with starboy.  we had kinda settled on just going 2 hours away and then turning back all day each day.  it didn't sound like a blast... but i submitted.
we watched the ufc117 fight on saturday at our favorite local showing.  it was an AWESOME show of fights.  one of the best show we've seen...  we didn't get back to starboy until almost midnight.  we woke up the next morning and went to church.  after church we took each of the kids out for a ride.  they gave us an ultra classic (the biggest and most luxurious bike harley makes), so it was big enough that we could take the kids between the two of us and i could hold on to them.  boo was kinda tight, but she enjoyed it.  binkins and jones were so priceless.  as soon as we'd start going they would just let out this uncontrollable giggle that would just, in turn, pry one out of me.  it was cute.  binkins enjoyed waving at all the other motorcycles on the road.  jones fell asleep.  wolfie's a bit too big for three-up, so she went on her own ride with her dad.  she came back all decked out in denim.  it was hillarious.  she's so funny.
anyway, sunday after the kids' rides it was about 4 and that's feeding time for haro.  we decided to head up to mccall and let him skip the 8 o'clock feeding.  it ended up working perfect.  we got up to mccall, went to the beach, got some ice cream, ate it at the beach, met up with an old friend, chatted for a long time, went to the grocery store and got some dinner to eat at one of the little tables out by the street.  it was so fun.  we headed back home and got in at about 12:30ish.  we both were BEAT!  we were planning on picking up starboy and heading back home, but i couldn't stay awake to make that short drive.  we crashed when we got home and about 5 minutes later starboy woke up ready to eat.  so, as it worked he usually skips his midnight feeding, but we bumped it up to the 8 o'clock feeding that he skipped and then he was just ready for us when we got home!  perfecto!  the next day we slept in (on and off) until noon.  we pretty much dinked around all day and then at about 5ish otter pop took me on another run.  we went up through idaho city to lowman and then over to banks and then back to boise through horseshoe bend.  otter pop let me drive the bike from lowman to banks... it was so exhilerating as it's been way too long since i've driven a bike!  anyway, we made it home just in time to see an amazingly beautiful lightning show and downpour of rain. 
it was pretty much perfect.  it wasn't anything like any of the plans... but it was pretty much perfect!
starboy's back on schedule.  the kids had a great time.  i can't think of anything else to report about it...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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