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Monday, August 2, 2010

like a bat outta hell

Aug 2, 2010

like a bat outta hell

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this morning i went to fred meyers to finish up the grocery shopping for the month (ha!).  as i was pulling into the parking lot otter pop called:
him- where are you right now?
me- just pulling into freddies.  why?
him- nothing.  starboy just got into the rat bait.  i'm taking him to the e.r. right now.
me- what?!
him- you know where we store that big plastic thing?  i must've left it out and starboy got in and got some rat bait.  he had it in his mouth.
me- i'll be right there!
him-  i'm just going.  just meet me there.  where's the closest hospital?
me- st. al's.  i'll be right there.
so i flip around and zoom home.  turning out to the street i realize i have the carseat with me.  so i call him back.  wolfie relayed that he'd already left.  i turned on my hazards and start speeding like a bat out of hell home.  i followed all the rules of the road except for the speed limit one.  i even made a right turn, to flip a u-ey and catch the light because i missed the left turn light (i did that a few times). 
anyway, i got home and relieved otter pop because he was trying to rig the backpack into a car seat in the justy!!!  they jumped in and off we sped.
apparently starboy would've had to have consumed 2 tsp. worth of little pellets to be affected by them.  he had six in his mouth that eddie removed.  we didn't even have 2 tsp. out... so that was the end result.  we were only there for an hour. 
thank the lord for sweet mercies!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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