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Monday, September 27, 2010

just soya know

i have written two blogs in the past week that got lost in cyber space when i was ALMOST finished writing them. 
we got a new computer that is hard to get used to and i accidentally push wrong buttons all the time on it.  so... that's that.  sorry about all the lost news.  here's one for the ladies... (and gentlemen.)
i'm excited about my dinner menu i just made with help via this site! 
tonight: angel hair and chicken pomodoro with ceasar salad and garlic toast.
tomorrow: biscuit bacon chicken casserole with crunchy zucchini sticks.
wednesday: crispy oven-baked pork chops with apple glazed carrots.
thursday: texas fried chicken and cheesy twice baked potatoes.
friday: crockpot chili alongside cornbread.
saturday: 2 main dishes = white pizza with chicken and basil.  and 1/2 pepperoni pizza 1/2 hawaiian pizza.  side of baked stuffed mushrooms.
and sunday we're inviting some guests over for: steak, ginger stir-fry broccoli, and baked potatoes, WITH carrabba's chocolate dream copycat.
now perhaps you can share in my excitement... 
here's a recap of those two lost blogs (of what i can remember)
the first one was filled with cute blurbs that i've been able to giggle about coming from my little tots (but mostly jones, he's a real kick in the pants!)  it was being finished off with a few books that i've read recently, or am reading.  i re-read the giver (my all time favorite) and shared the book with my eldest daughter.  then i checked out number the stars (by the same author: lois lowry), and flipped (a recent book-made-to-movie).  i'm reading charrolete's web with aleemay during quiet time.  i'm still working on the book by james dobson called bringing up girls and suggest raising a modern day knight for all those parents of boys out there.  another must read for EVERYONE that's ever been born is taking charge of your fertility by toni weschler.  reading level perfect for girls of all ages (although cycle savvy is more appropriate for girls ages 10-20), and boys age 17+.
the second lost saga was a better update of our family findings.  starboy's been walking.  he got another first haircut.  he cut his third tooth (upper left) on saturday.  he FINALLY said mamamamama.  he also said hot.  he has about five words now.  three of which are babble.  we're also working on signing with him.  he refuses to participate, but he'll say please on YOUR chest with a big smile.  so he gets it, but not quite.  bsu had a big shindig on saturday.  i took jones, aleemay, and adejay.  we had fun.  then otter pop, a friend, and i attended the game (in tailgate fashion) that evening.  i made three batches of cookies for the fun time and everyone raved over them.  adejay had her drama production on thursday.  it was cute.  it was a musical and her group did the worst out of all of them.  she said that the main guy knew his parts though, so i guess it was a bad case of stage fright.  i videoed it and took some pictures too.  we found a friend that has three kids the same age and genders of my bottom three.  we went over to her house and played on friday.  that was fun.  their oldest reminds me of orry's geniusity.  he was reading at age 2.  he doesn't like all the fun things that jones enjoys but they still get along fine.  (not as well as orry and jones, mind you.)  boo's little companion is a spit fire... the more they get used to each other the better they'll get along i'm sure.  and we'll have to keep a close eye on them.  and then the little guy and starboy are a good match too, mostly because of their family placement.  hm... i can't think of too much else. 
i need to post some new pictures, so maybe i'll get around to that some time soon.  we've been better at praying for you all.  especially little aye zee.  we're concerned about his bowels and digestive system, but are taking it all to the Lord in prayer.  --not much else really we can do, from here.
well, this has taken entirely way too long (with SEVERAL interupting breaks), so i'll close with a famous line:
a famous line.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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