"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the shift has hit the fan

we got one of those jumpy things out in our back yard.  that's what jones calls it.  it's a trampoline and we all love it.  except maybe starboy, i don't think he's been introduced or even seen it yet.  otter pop had a guy at work that needed some fixing done to his van door.  in trade for the work (that took my mr. about an hour), he gave us his trampoline.  i guess his kids are all grown and gone.  yeah for that!
the kids got sick over the weekend.  sophie had all of 'em except starboy on saturday night so that we could go to the football game.  i had woken up at about 6 to get goin' that morning so i was SACKED OUT and didn't hear her call the phone three times at 1 in the morning.  she woke adejay and told her to keep calling and she headed over to our house with sick boo.  boo had croup.  she was coughing and hardly breathing.  we gave her a breathing treatment and kept taking her outside.  then sophie left and i had her sleep on my chest while i sat up.  i didn't really sleep the rest of the night because i was listening to her breathing to make sure it didn't get worse.  she woke up again at 4:30 and we did the breathing treatment and went outside some more.  the moon sure was glorious...  anyway, she went back to sleep the same way.  at about 6:30 i finally zonked out with a krinked neck only to be woken  back up by starboy at 7.  so, i got him up and fed him and then gave boo another breathing treatment around 7:45.  it was a rough day on sunday, but we didn't do anything.  we had plans for a friend of otter pop's from work (and his wife) to come over for dinner and we completely forgot.  thankfully they called and asked we if could do it next week.  the rest of the kids came home around 2 and jones was coughing like crazy and sophie said he kept complaining about his ears.  i thought i'd take them all to the dr. the next day but boo slept soundly and jones seemed to be much better too.  both of them were complaining about their noses that weren't working (that's how they say they have either a runny nose or a stuffy nose).  but everyone seemed to be alright.  aleemay got up during the night and barfed, but begged to go to school saying she was fine now.  anyway, the girls got off to school and we didn't schedule any dr. appointments.  after lunch i needed to run and get groceries for the week.  i took starboy and aleemay and got my meat and dairy stuff and came back home.  then i headed to the second grocery store and was halfway there when i realized that i was about to die.  i had been feeling shakey and achey all morning, but i thought it was from the coffee.  i ate some food before i headed to the first store and it just wasn't helping.  it occured to me on the way to the second store that it was more than shakey and i felt like i had a fever.  when i felt my forehead i remembered my temperature was really high that morning...  and then it felt like i got hit with a ton of bricks, and my stomach started feeling woozy... so i turned around and went back home.  and laid down. 
otter pop took care of me and the kids and the house for the rest of the day.  when he laid down he said that he didn't feel well either.  we all had a pretty good night i kept fevering all night.  my temp was still up this morning and i still feel pretty shifty today.  i'm laying low.  we cleaned the house this morning because it looked like a tornado hit it.  i've got to get back up and make some lunch and clean the kitchen better... i think i'll pop a few more pills. 
starboy has a snotty nose, but he's ok.  aleemay and adejay seem to be fine.  aleemay has a small lingering cough. 
maybe i'll take another short nap.  pray for us. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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