"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, September 17, 2010

monthly blog.

Current mood:aroused i've found that i like reading blogs in bullet-point style.  or lists.  so, i thought i'd give it a shot and see if i like writing 'em that way too.  here goes:
156.  the girls, aleemay and adejay, have gone through three weeks of school now. 
157.  they both are still REALLY enjoying it.  they both have made friends.
158.  i've been working really hard with my three at home, especially this past week.
159.  starboy is a walking baby.  he usually only gets 10 steps before falling down and speed crawling to his destination. 
160.  starboy got another haircut.  this time i buzzed him.  it was with the longest attachment but it still looks really short.  i think he looked cuter with it long, but it was growing down over his eyes.
161.  we had a group parent teacher conference with both adejay's teachers and aleemay's teacher this past week.  i like their school.
162.  my lover turned 37 yesterday.
163.  he didn't get any older...
164.  jones' maturing SO much with his older siblings gone each day.
165.  sophie's been on vacation since aug. 28th.  she comes home tomorrow. 
166.  i refused to let her dog stay at our house, so we've been going over there every day for the past almost month.  it's good to know that i CAN get out every single day.
167.  i'm gonna try and get out even when she comes back home.  i just won't neccesarily get out to her house... but maybe some other family (ie. aunt diane's, debbie's, reece's kelly's, etc.)
168.  we're having a family movie night as i type this.  last week we had a family dance fest.  i like this idea...  the dance fest ROCKED!
169.  i got 10 free photobooks this past month and i need to complete eight more within the next couple weeks.  i feel like maybe i don't take enough pictures for this to be feesible??? 
170.  i found two little tomatoes on my plants i got off craigslist several months ago.  i got four free starters.  two of them got killed by my kiddos. 
171.  our house still isn't 100% painted, but it sure looks nice.  my brother, i'll call "trent" came over and trimmed our shrubbery and that made it look 200% better!!!!!  thanks "trent"
172.  starboy has two teeth, that may be news to some.
173.  boo's hair is almost down to her butt.
174.  adejay wants a haircut.
175.  i don't think aleemay has really learned much in school yet, except socially... which makes me feel like a good homeschool teacher.  (especially since i only taught her for about three months last school year.  ---and they weren't the last months, they were the first ones... before starboy was born!)
176.  i had the B E S T keepers of the home meeting on monday.  i can't rave enough about it.
177.  i joined a bible study at out church.  we're doing an intense study on discipleship.  i signed up to be a disciple leader... and am praying for someone to disciple...
178.  we don't have couches and we really like it that way.  we hosted a big get together (with four families) and it was still fine.  this may go along with my anti-materialism tangent... but i am so happy that we can live without couches and live happily.  i don't feel like ANY of us feel like we're missing any furniture. 
179.  life is good.  i love my family.  i trust in God. 
180.  maybe that last one should have been three.  maybe i don't really like the bullet style to write as much.  good to know.
181.  oh yeah.  i haven't used shampoo or conditioner on my hair in almost a month.  neither has otter pop.  i'm pretty sure my hair is detoxed...
182.  i also stopped using chemical deoderant.  i'm pretty sure my armpits are also detoxed... but they stink.  but nobody seems to notice except me.  and i usually try to put some natural deoderant on before i leave the house.  otter pop never uses deoderant (natural or unnatural) and he hardly ever stinks.  only after hard labor if he hasn't showered in a day or so.
183.  high fructose corn syrup is in lots of things...  i read an article that made me never want to eat it or feed it to my kids EVER AGAIN.  however, i can't find this article online, so if you want info email me and i'll just brief you on it.  it is, in my opinion very ALARMING!
184.  this is about enough...  peace out.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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