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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

adejay, in one million words (or less)

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one of adejay's teachers sent home this assignment for us parents:  describe your daughter in one million words, or less. 

adejay is probably the most unique young lady I know.  I realize we are all unique… but some are more unique than others.  adejay is one of those.  She is very empathetic, sensitive, and sweet, but at the same time she doesn’t care what others think of her.  She has a deep passion for living and yearns to do what is right.  She has four younger siblings and they all look up to her in everything she does.  Because of that, she has grown very mature and responsible.  She helps out SO MUCH at home.  Her siblings really adore her!  (so do her parents!)
adejay loves to sing, write music and poetry, horses and wolves, clothes and fashion, sports, action, competition, friendship and making friends, pleasing others, spending quality time with others, arts, crafts, reading, and her family.  She has a hard time with people who purposely do what is wrong… therefore she is quite judgmental. 
adejay is a very bright girl.  She has been home schooled for the past two years and was doing really well.  In those two years I think she developed much independence.  We didn’t dig into science as much as she would’ve liked, but she did really well in all her subjects.  She felt like she struggled in math, and therefore hated it, but I think by the end of our home schooling she gained some more confidence in her arithmetic.  Because of past experience in public school, adejay was anxious for school to start, kind of excited, and kind of nervous.  She expressed to us that she was going to focus 100% on school work, using her recess time for fitness building, and she just wasn’t going to worry about the social aspect.  She has been pleasantly surprised with the kindness that others are showing her at school. 
I love adejay’s style.  She is modest and rad!  I love adejay’s funk.  She is so fun to be around.  She really likes to talk.  Boy can that girl talk… and talk… and talk!  She likes to make other laugh.  She likes jokes and pranks.  She likes to compete and win.  I really like that.  J 
adejay lives in a family of seven individuals.  She is the firstborn in every aspect.  She is socially dominant, highly intellectual, and extremely conscientious; also she is less open to new ideas, and prone to perfectionism and people pleasing.  Her next sibling is six years younger than her.  Her youngest sibling is almost 11 years younger than her.  adejay has a special relationship with her nana (paternal grandma).  Every year, for the past eight years, they have gone on a special vacation after school.  Every January they start planning and getting excited.  Sometimes it shows in her school work that she’s not completely focused, but we’ve discussed the repercussion to that and hope that won’t be the case this next year. 
We’re excited that adejay was accepted into this school and look forward to working with you and her through this transition in her life.  We hope you enjoy her for the time that you get her… we’ll sure miss her around the house!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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