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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whatta week

Last week, in Monday, little Buttercup and Starboy struggled with a high fever throughout the day.  Tuesday, Boo decided to join in.  At night they'd have coughing fits, but for the most part it was just a struggling fever on and off.  
Tuesday night I could feel it coming on and OtterPop was quite certain we'd be taking a trip to the ER with the chorus of coughs sounding down the hallway.  Boo got so bad she sounded as if she was going to barf.  So, he asked me to please go take care of her.  I was shivering from head to toe and extremely tired, but after about five minutes of rolling, I rolled myself out of bed.  By that time I had decided that maybe it was a croupy cough and I'd try the outside sir.  Well, she was helping me outside as much as I was helping her!  After about ten minutes, we came in and turned on the hot shower for a steam treatment.  I wasn't sure if anything was working.  Frankly, I was quite out of it!  We went to the couch and I just told her to sleep sitting up.  I'm much too big for that, so o layed next to her.  We did fine the rest of the night, but the next morning I went to bed after binkles got off to school.  
I told the teens that they were in charge.  I was out that whole day.  Boo was reported to be fine after she woke up.  Binkles came home early with a temperature.  I didn't get out of bed much the next day either.  Finally on Friday, I had to do some running around before the weekend came, but I felt horrible being up and having to stay awake.  
Buttercup still was having off and on symptoms, and Danke started to complain about a headache on Friday.  
Saturday I got out of bed and ran a few errands without being completely exhausted.  Sunday was kinda the same.  But the better I got to feeling, the worse my congestion would get and like I posted last, my abs were killing me from all my coughing.  Sunday night I didn't even get more than 3 hours of sleep because my lungs were crackling so bad or I was coughing so violently.  I was actually super excited that I was going to see the dr at 10:45!  Well, the dr got sick and had to cancel. OtterPop knew how little I was sleeping because we share a room ... And a bed.  Anyway, he boarded me off and made the house quiet so I could get some more sleep.  We tried to get the pillows situated to where I could sit up and sleep.  It worked.  I got a few more hours.  
This was last evening.  While the girls went to track, I went to the drug store to find something for my cough.  My abs were beyond sore at this point.  They actually felt like I had torn a muscle coughing.  I'm not kidding either.  Every cough was ripping it more and more.  So I found some multi-symptom cough relief and tried it.  We had our last birth class last night.  Halfway through I could tell  that it was helping.  After class OtterPop takes me out for dinner and although I hadn't been able to taste good for 4 days, I tasted something finally!  I was beginning to think we had a solution.  We came home, went to bed and slept great in the 4 hour increments that the medicine covered.  I took 3 doses total.  This morning when the 6:30 alarm went off, I was happy to get out of bed.  Compared to the past week, I felt so rested!!!!  
And then I started to feel itchy.  Everywhere.  I lifted my clothes and my skin looked fine, but it was very itchy.  My neck get red first , but I could tell I was just crawling with histamines.  I took some lemon, lavender, and peppermint.  Waited.  Nothing.  So I seeked out our old "just in case" stash of Benedryl we keep for Wolfie.  Brand new, by the way.  Thank you oils, for working for her!!!!  I waited.  Still nothing.  Hmmmm...  By this time all the kids were off yo school, so I decided to lay down.  All of a sudden I really felt tired.  
Oh my gosh Benedryl is horrible!!!!  I took the little ones back to my room, flipped in the tv for them and I was asleep in seconds!  Buttercup joined me and starboy was happy to have the choices all up to him.  He woke me up at 11:30 asking for lunch.  We got up, made lunch, ate it, and after that I was ready for quiet time.  Seriously.  
We slept for another hour and a half and then finally we got up and got dressed and got ready for the day.  At 2:00pm!  
Crazy day!  Crazy week!  And now I'm back in bed coughing my lungs out again.  Wheezing with every breath...  Please pray for my health.  Please pray for sweet turbo!  Buttercup really is hanging in there with me through this all. She's not complaining nearly as much as I am, but she's sleeping a lot!  I'm sure she's not feeling well.  Please pray for her too.  
I'll keep you updated.  I see the dr tomorrow.  

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