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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome turbo!

Yesterday after volunteering in boo's 1st grade class I came home feeling very slow.  Everything was ... Slow.  And tight.  After getting home I realized that I was having contractions and their intensity was increasing.  
I broke the news to otter pop that I might just ruin his day-off plans by having a baby.  He didn't believe me.  After a little bit I told him that I thought I should call to move my 3:45 appointed up to see what the dr thought.  I wasn't sure I could wait until 3:45.  
So we did, we went in, and we're definitely confirmed to be in early labor already dialated to 3cm and 50% effaced and turbo was already sunk down to station 0!
This was all shocking since I'm usually a late bloomer!  I've never been dialated past a fingertip before 40 weeks that I can remember.  I will practice some effacement early, but nothing progressive!!!  The doc advised that we head to the hospital and see where we are in an hour.
Well, we weren't really ready for that.  At all!  With me being sick, we were actually behind schedule of any sort of readiness!!!  We went home, packed, showered, shaved, called plan a, b, and the birth photographer.  Made lunch for the kids, waited for the plan b to get off work and arrive, and by 2:30, FINALLY (in my patient little eyes), we headed in.  
I hadn't shown any progression and I could tell the contractions had simmered down.  So we walked.  
Then we checked again.  Nothing.  So we walked more until I was about to drop.  Finally at supper time, the told us to go walk elsewhere (just stay close), and see if the relief of leaving the hospital would help things progress.  We went to eat.  I was starved.  I only ate a handful of bites before I felt full and sick.  Also I should mention that I accidentally ordered really spicy food.  I'm not a huge fan of spicy food, so it really was an honest "mistake".  
Anyway, I got a real sick feeling.  We headed back to the hospital, I had a heart episode when we got there (just to walk around outside), and then felt exhaustion hit.  So otter pop got us a hotel room right near the hospital, ran me a bath, and we settled down for the night thinking we'd be back at the hospital soon.  
Well, the bed at the hotel was MUCH MORE COMFY than our nice bed at home and it was a very relaxing comfortable stay.  I had contractions and pee breaks all night, but nothing to keep me awake until 5am when I woke up feeling sick.
I barfed a little, paced a lot, whined, and tried to relax.  Finally falling back to sleep around 7.  
By 8:30 I was back awake.  Minor contractions, definitely not steady.  Nothing promising.  Pretty discouraged.
I'm not sure why, but when a girl gets her mind wrapped around having a baby... It's kinda sad when it doesn't happen just like that!  I mean, just the day before I was freaking out (relatively) about having a baby 2 weeks before 40 weeks!  
Anyway, we went to the chiropractor and got adjusted, went to target and bought some items that we knew we needed, and decided labor wasn't going to reappear soon.  So, now we're home.  Disappointedly (for the kids) with turbo still on my insides.  He's cute in there too though, don't you worry!  He'll make his appearance soon enough and we'll have a welcome home turbo post with good pictures...

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