"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Sunday, May 13, 2012

what's this "mother's day" thing???

i wonder why God didn't liken himself to a mom... aren't they like the best things ever???  that's just my thought today on mother's day.
i have, hands down, the absolute best and perfect mother for me in whole entire universe.  hands all the way down.  no contest. 
let me tell you 30 reasons (for each year of my life) why she's the best:
  1. she's patient
  2. she's kind
  3. she does not boast
  4. she is not self-seeking
  5. she is not easily angered
  6. she is truthful
  7. she always protects
  8. she always perseveres
  9. she always loves
  10. she's a nurse
  11. she loves my dad
  12. she loves my kids
  13. she's full of help
  14. she's my biggest cheerleader
  15. she believes in me
  16. she has great faith in the one true God
  17. she's the best prayer warrior... she really prays without ceasing
  18. she's athletic
  19. she pushed out 4 wonderful babies and raised them with my father
  20. she never gave up on marriage
  21. she's optimistic
  22. she's stubborn
  23. she's a good role model
  24. she's really encouraging
  25. she's a great cook and baker
  26. she is a nice grandmommy
  27. she loves babies.  she's a baby-hog.
  28. she's healthy
  29. she always knows the right thing to say
  30. she knows how to pinch a penny!
something else:  HER mother!  my granny is so wonderful and great.  i could almost duplicate the list above for my granny.  my mom definately IS her mother's daughter!!!  my granny is not a nurse though.  instead she is a great wife and mother as her career.  my papa, her husband, died at an early age and my granny's self-sufficient nature blossomed as she became a widow.  she was forced to be independant and strong even though it seemed like the odds were stacked against her.  papa was a business-owner.  granny was his right-hand man.  together they ran their store like a well oiled machine.  after he passed, she didn't have his income, but since she's so practically minded, i don't think she had too hard of a time making things last, wasting not and wanting not.  she's great like that!  the other unique strong characteristic of granny is her competitive nature.  she, like my mom, is another biggest cheerleader.  she wants, more than anything, for her children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to WIN (unless she's playing a game against them, that is)!  and boy does she like to play a game!!!  any game!!!  her favorites are card games (like pineochle) and word games (like scrabble). 

i can't put into words how extremely grateful i am to have these two women as mom-models for me.  i can't even begin to express how thankful i am that i have both of them in my life right now.  what is this "mother's day" thing???  it's a day to express this sort of gratitude.  to reflect on the mothers in your life.  to take a little time to tell them "thank you".  so go ahead... give a little shout out!

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Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is the sweetest blog I've ever read. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! lylyly

troybee said...

thank you moms, for passing on your genes, and more.