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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

appointment day

this morning my princess buttercup had her 2 month check up with our family doctor.  i say "family doctor", but i kinda mean our pediatrician.  only he's not a pediatrician, he's a family physician DO.  so, i call him our family doctor because everyone in our family who visits a doctor, visits him.  he's great.  he's new to us and we really really like him.  he's not a pill pusher.  he's a healthy pusher.  that's kinda (in a nutshell) what a DO is. 
anyway, here's reason 5 million 2 hundred 6 thousand 983 why i like him:  he makes me wanna brag about my babies. 
as a parent, i try to be modest about my babes.  i'm a realist after all.  i know how annoying it is to hear parents that think there is nothing wrong with their children and that they are the best ever, blah blah blah.  so i try not to be like that.  in fact, if anything, i try to pretend that there's nothing really special about my kiddos.  they're exactly who and what God created them to be... that's nothing more or less than any other baby or kid in the world.  and really, if anyone really knew or believed this, it should be a believing doctor who has kids of his own and sees dozens of kids and babies every day.  and perhaps this is why i like our family doctor so much. 
he knows how special each kid is and makes a big deal about that.
here's our "big deal" about how special buttercup is:
  1. she's 12 pounds.  right on the money.  she looks great, feels great, and has gained 2 and almost 3 pounds since she was born.  this isn't anything spectacular or unheard of, but it's a good thing.  she's healthy.  she's healthy being supplemented for all her energy and activities by just my good ol' homemade breast milk.  (that's where i get to be proud.)
  2. she sleeps ALL THE WAY through the night.  every night.  she's been doing this for quite some time... pertineer 2 months.  she eats her last meal of the day anywhere from 7:00 to 9:45pm.  she goes to sleep around 9ish, but is always asleep by 10pm.  and she wakes up around 5am.  sometimes 4, but it's getting closer to 5-6 the older she gets.  that's a good amount of sleep time, but it's an even "better" amount of time to go without eating.  (which is where i'm proud again... that's the milk that i'm making that sustains her for that whole time!)
  3. she's starting to talk.  now i'm not talking about words and such... YET... but oh  mylanta she is the most adorable little thing ever when she gets on her little talkin' streak. [insert video of buttercup babble here] she just jabbers and jabbers...  coooo, ehhhhhhr, cooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh... with great big smiles and the most intense "adult-like looks" across her face.  (that's what everyone calls them.  adult-like looks.  they're just her expressions.  she's VERY VERY expressive and alert.)  the dr. said that a lot of the 2 month olds that he sees are just still laying there.  talking is normal for this age, but laughing usually doesn't come for another month or two.  ...she laughs.  she talks, she listens, AND she laughs.  it's adorable!
  4. lastly, the dr rolled her on her tummy to see how strong she was.  she not only pushed her head up to a ...oh i dunno 45 degree?... but also she started moving her legs as if she were crawling (trying to get them under her body).  he was flat shocked.  it was the second time i've seen her do it, so i was just tickled happy.  (i was shocked the first time which was a day or so ago.)
she's 23-1/4 inches long.  she's grown 2 inches in 2 months.  both her height and her weight are in the 75th percentile.  i don't really care about those stats, but if you do... there they are for ya.  our dr. gave me the update i was hoping to hear, "your girl's an infant genius!"  :) :) :) :)

wolfie had her orthopedic appointment for her foot this afternoon.  here's what we found out there:
  1. she's not healed completely.  (bummer.  that's what we were praying for.)
  2. the fracture isn't very bad and perhaps not even not all the way through (it's so tiny, it's kinda hard to tell for sure).
  3. she doesn't need surgery.
  4. she possibly could be healed in 4 weeks.
  5. she is to stay in the boot, putting weight on it as long as it doesn't hurt, using crutches as long as it hurts or until she can walk without pain with the boot... 
  6. she can go swimming.
she was bummed at the first point... but was overjoyed to hear that it might only take another 4 weeks!!!

and now tomorrow morning at the butt-crack of dawn we have 4 dental appointments.  i might not update you all with them.  but then again, maybe i will.  you'll just have to wait and find out. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

I loved that blog. Every wallopping iota of it! I love the expressiveness of Buttercup and it makes me wonder what kind of character she's going to have when she gets old enough to talk and express herself with words! lylyly

troybee said...

my favorite part was "pertineer"

MamaT said...

yeah. :) it didn't pass spell check, but i guess i was so far off they couldn't suggest the correct spelling. in cases such as these, i just leave the word misspelled because i'm a good phonetic speller... :)