"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

gratituesday - mothers

for my gratituesday post this week, i want to recognize my huge amount of gratitude i have for mothers. 

my mother. 

her mother. 

my daddy's mother.

my husband's mother. 

her mother.

my sisters.
pretty much every mother around the world. 
mothers are amazing. 

i feel blessed in that i get to be a mother that stays at home with her kids all the time.  lately though i've had a huge admiration for those mothers that head to work.  i was realizing the chore of not only getting themselves ready and to work at a certain time, they also have to get their little ones ready and to daycare even earlier!  how many kids are dropped off at daycare by 7 or earlier?!  and they've already been dressed and fed!!!!  sometimes they have lunch packed too!!!  seriously, could i do that?!  uh... i don't think so.  that's just shortly after i roll out of bed!  (yeah, this fact embarrasses me, but i'm a real gal just being real.)  so i have gratitude and admiration for moms that work outside of their home. 

i also am very grateful that other moms will take the sacrifice in income to stay at home and nurture their little ones themselves.  i think it's so appreciated by so many people.  i've gotten offended with obama's cyber ads posted EVERYWHERE for moms to "go back to school!"  no!  don't!  give that attention and effort to your little ones! 

i'm grateful for moms that homeschool, send their kids to private school, and mom's that send their kids into the public school's.  it's hard to let go... but education is important and kudos to moms for seeing it important that their children learn and grow socially. 

i'm everly grateful for moms that pray for their children.  prayer is a powerful tool and sometimes it's all we can do to fight off the enemy for our children.  God hears our prayers.  God answers prayers.  praying for your children is an awesome way to reflect, encourage, and let the child (ren) know you love them.

i'm grateful for moms that teach their kids how to work.  i'm grateful for moms that train up their children in God's Word.  i'm grateful for moms that go against the norm of spoilage and teach and train their kids for real life by lessons in character!  chores!  cleaning!  baking!  fixing!  patience!  cooking!  etc. etc. etc...  (the list really could go on for miles, right?!

i'm grateful for moms that care about their children's health and wellness, as well as their fitness. 
i'm grateful for moms that play with their children and also take time to listen to them.  i'm thankful that there are mothers out there that take time for their children!

i'm grateful for mothers that take a role in making sure their children feel protected and safe.  i'm glad there are mothers out their that draw their kids close and hold them tight.  i'm grateful for moms that read to their kiddos. 

i'm grateful for all the mothers out there that do their best in telling their child (ren) "i love you"!  that's what's most important for us mothers.  thanks for being a mom!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Jonathan and Telcia said...

Great blog! And to think, you are just purely appreciative of mothers and not doing this for any other reason. Like there's got to be another reason.
What a positive person. You are encouraging. You strive to do your best and be your best for God, yourself, you family, your world.
I love your blogs and pray that we can grow further into our Lord.
Good words, anwat

Trenicker said...

best blog yet sister! thanks for being real, for being thankful and for being a good mom to your tots, and a good aunt to your nieces and nephews! what beautiful mothers in the pictures too! You can see the joy in all their faces to be moms!

Trenicker said...

what happened to gratituseday this week???

MamaT said...

gratefully i have been too busy for the computer!