"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was an awesome year for us.  it is great to reflect over it and see God's blessings, miracles, and hand working in our life over and over... month after month.
in january, aleemay turned 6 and i started my last year of my 20s.  we were blessed in many ways including receiving a new (to us van) as a gift and sold our old one for $500 (blessing someone else).  we were involved in a couple self-enrichment classes, and a bible study too.  God was faithful in providing ways to support us financial even through a slow motorcycle-mechanic-season.
in february, boo turned 3.  God continued to provide for us, especially in that we got our taxes back.  we started a rigorous cleaning routine and got some good deep-cleaning done in our home.  also, not most importantly, but most excitingly... i introduced my youngest child to the potty (in great success.  -for that month.)
in march, we ended some things and started new ones... we started getting ready for spring, starting with some little boy haircuts, and ended with a great week of spring break.  my one babysitting job ended abruptly, but was replaced with another the very exact day.  God is good.
in april, we focused a lot on our blessings, the weather started looking like spring, we celebrated Christ's resurrection, and read quite a bit more than normal. 
in may, i really slowed down my blog.  otter pop and i (separately) were able to go to the school and give aleemay's class a little "who's your parent orientation".  i taught them some wonderful parts of being a mom, read them a story, and then taught them all how to fold and diaper a baby.  otter pop brought them a motorcycle and showed them the different parts and stuff.  the girls wrapped up their school year and practiced lots on their end-of-the-year talent show.  otter pop and i also started our summer softball league. 
in june, the girls finished school and my other babysitting job ended, we started a summer routine, wolfie started piano lessons and jones turned 5.  we went on an awesome road trip, just around our little area but up in the mountains a bit... for history, but it ended up being more just for scenery.  the little kids also had their first vacation bible school (pandamania), which ended up being a highlight of the summer!  also, God allowed us a miracle when otter pop and i made a little sweet baby girl inside my uterus to spend the next 10 months growing and developing. 
in july, we watched some beautiful fireworks, from the back deck of our wonderful friends' house (while they were out of town), went up to the mountain-lake-town of my dreams (and many memories), attended another VBS, and spent some good time with some of otter pop's family that came to visit.  on the 16th, sophie (nana) took a good hard fell, broke her wrist, and had a pretty bad head injury as well.  on the 18th, otter pop got t-boned as he was test driving a motorcycle.  both of these events slowed up the plans for the rest of our summer.  july was also the month that boo decided to see what scissors would do to her beautiful head of hair... :(  that was really sad!
in august, i tried to schedule some posts for the blog, so that it wouldn't be neglected completely.  i added a few that i've been faithful to (fairly faithful), and some that i haven't.  we started the month with our last vacation bible school of the summer (learning and studying the lord's prayer).  we traded in our free van for one that wasn't so free and then took a trip to visit some family in a boardering state.  we spent almost a whole week there and made some great memories.  God blessed us with a very great summer break, and provided in great ways for our needs to be met.  the girls AND jones started school.
in september, we adjusted to the new school routine rather well, and i started a new bible study. 
in october, i started watching 3 kiddos in the afternoon (m,tu, and w) from 12-5ish.  i also starteded trading babysitting so that i could volunteer at the kids' school every other week.  i saw the cardiologist for the first time and was put on a 30-day moniter.  on the 31st, starboy turned 2 and we found out our little miracle inside was female. 
november was a busy month.  binkins had several birthday parties to attend, i had a wonderful women's retreat to attend, and on the 13th, wolfie celebrated her golden birthday (turning 13).  the kids all (except starboy) had dental exams, binkins had an eye exam and was prescribed glasses again, i got some maternity shirts.  i was put on some medication to help with my heart episodes and we finished the month off by visiting some local botanical gardens to see some extraordinary beautiful christmas lights with sophie (nana)'s work. 
december continued the business, but in a jesus-was-born-excited kind of way.  otter pop and i had a fun date with a couple from his work, we met with some school representatives to discuss jones, and had a few dr's appointments of my own.  otter pop visited the dentist and had some oral surgery done to help fix up his mouth a bit.  later in the month he went back and had some cavities filled.  he's spent the majority of december in oral pain!!!  after celebrating Christ's birth at home on the morning of christmas, we traveled a couple hours away to unite with my parents and siblings (and their families).  we met a niece and nephew (cousins) and we had a great time, took some family pictures (LOTS of family pictures), ate, and played a few games.  otter pop took some vacation days to end this wonderful year and get some things done that can't be done while he's working full time. 
2011 has been one of the best years of my life and i'm excited to see what God has in store for us for 2012.  God is faithful.  we don't know the extent of His plan, but i can trust that He will take care of us and love us no matter what.  those things carry me through day to day and year to year.  i pray that you can trust Him in the same way and place your life in His loving and caring hands.  may you have a happy and healthy new year!!!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was packed with lots of information, much of which I was unaware. I'm sure glad you wrote it! lylyly

Liz said...

I love reading your blog! Love your optimism and attitude. Truly a great year, except lets try to get together more often this new year.

Daniel Becker said...

Happy new year!!!