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Monday, December 5, 2011

let's double it up for menu this week

i'm doubling a lot of my meals this week for buttercup's arrival.  my freezer was (before i went shopping) starting to look sparse.  so, i'll get some fresh meals in there.
  • taco salad or floating tacos.  i bought tortilla chips though instead of fritos... so maybe it'll be a mixture.  i'm doubling the meat sauce for the freezer.
  • bbq chicken (doubled) with rice and garlicky corn.
  • hamburger ramen with green beans and perhaps fried rice, if i have some left over.  (it seemed like a lot of my meals went with rice, so that was a write in.)
  • chicken enchiladas (doubled) with rice and refried beans.
  • white chili (doubled) maybe with some cornbread.  has anyone of you readers made cornbread out of white cornmeal???
  • chicken noodle soup with grillled cheese sandwiches.
  • mulligan stew (doubled) with fresh bread and butter.
  • sloppy joes (with my bbq sauce) with french fries (carried over from the last menu).
another reason why i'm doubling a lot of my meals is that i decided that i needed to have a plan b in case the placenta previa prevailed and i ended up on bed rest.  if you read my buttercup post, you found out that the placenta moved and i'm not high risk... but still, no one knows how to cook in my house except for me and loverboy (otter pop). 
i taught binkins how to make fried eggs last month and she's gotten up almost every morning since and asked if she could make them.  (SOOOOOO much healthier than the usual: cereal!)  wolfie knows how to make macaroni and cheese and oatmeal.  yeah... that wouldn't make a great week, much less month or more of meals!  so, off i venture do cover some bases that should've been covered YEARS ago!!!  it might be a challenge... or it might not... i'll let you know. 
however, before i do that i want to challenge you with young sweet daughters to teach them and train them while they're still sweet and young.  binkins is tickled with the idea.  wolfie, on the other hand ,was less than pleased with the decision.  she had several excuses why not to.  such as: "me and cooking just don't go together."  and "you know i have a fear of ovens..."  and then, "what benefits come with cooking the meals?  do i not have to eat everything on my plate now?" was a good one.  but come to find out, they're both as good as i am at it.  better maybe.  wolfie insisted on mashing up the meatloaf with her hands, which i've read makes the best meatloaf out there, but i've never done it.  well, it was a lot better than mine usually is and i LOVE my meatloaf.  and it was the same recipe.  so... i'm just giving it to her.  she did it!  well, she and binkins.  and the cornbread???  yeah... we poured it into muffin tins instead of a pan, and they were MUCH MUCH MUCH better than usual.  (usually we have about 3/4 of the pan as leftovers that a week later gets thrown out to the dog.  we had three leftover that got scarfed up for breakfast the next morning.  honey butter may or may not have been involved in the scarfing.)
anyway, these girls are going to cook up a storm with me this week. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Daniel Becker said...

a family of strange named peeps, i believe. who is who?

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE IT!!! Cornbread made with white cornmeal tastes just the same, I think. My Grandma Carson swore that white cornmeal was better than yellow but I truly can't tast any difference. Kinda like white corn and yellow corn (it depends on the variety, of course, but I don't see any difference based on the COLOR!)