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Thursday, December 1, 2011

say hello to our sweet baby, buttercup

so, it was difficult to come up with all the names for all our chitlins for this blog.  two of which (adejay and aleemay) i don't really like and have since given them an aka name (wolfie and binkins.  --these are nicknames that they have in our home anyway).  jones was easy because for whatever reason anyone wants to think of, i've always called him jones.  boo was also pretty easy, because she's always reminded us of "boo" off of monsters inc.  she's just that cute!  and then starboy was also easy.  when he was still inside me, we couldn't finalize a name for him.  binkins (that's aleemay's new aka) wanted to be in on the process, as she likes to be in on everything... and decided that starboy was a PERFECT name for a little baby boy.  (and it is, right?  i mean, what little boy wouldn't want to be called starboy?!!!)  so starboy was our name in utero for him. 
well, now comes the story of our newest addition.  the one still inside me.  i mentioned that i thought she was a boy early in pregnancy.  the only one that thought she was a girl was boo.  and she didn't just think she was a girl... she knew.  jones had asked if we could call him "buttercup" because of some show or movie they had watched with a dinosaur named buttercup.  he thought buttercup was a very handsome name.  i didn't tell him yes or no, but he started referring to the baby boy as buttercup.  well, when we had the ultrasound and found out he was a she... boo of course knew and asked if we could still call her buttercup.  it was at that point that jones thought "hope" was a much more suitable name for a baby girl...  well, since "we" had been calling her buttercup all along, i only thought it appropriate for us to continue with it.  it's cute.  and it's a princess name.  and, well, it's not like i'll ever use it on anyone else! 
so, introducing our princess buttercup:

in other news.  -not really.  it's the same news.  it's about the ultrasound today.-  her placenta moved out of the way and is a good 3 cm away from the opening to my cervix.  so that's awesome.  thanks for the prayers!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Anonymous said...

Princess butttercup! That has a great ring to it. I can think of another princess buttercup that I have always been fond of. Praise the Lord that the placenta moved away from the cervix. As you wish. . .

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is that ultrasound picture?