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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

house hunt

in humility i'm writing this update.  God is the leader of our family and to Him be the glory for ALL we endure ---bad and good!
we've been on the market for buying a home for the past... well, I hate to say it, but 2+ years.  we've been searching and searching and asking God to lead our family where He wants us to live.  we have been open to new ideas, but frankly would like to stay in the same area for the simple reason of not wanting to change our whole life with a move.  we LOVE the school that the little ones attend.  we are very close to otter pop's work and wolfie's dojo (for martial arts).  we have friends who live near and it would really be hard to relocate and build up a new lifestyle somewhere else.  it was hard for us to do it 5 years ago and we know it'd be even harder this time being planted here for 5 years this time.
we are not picky.  currently we live in a humble little home of 1188 sq. ft.  it has a small yard and a 2-car garage.  that is all we have needed and it has been more than pleasant!  we love our cozy little place.  honestly though, we'd like to upgrade a little (in size) when we buy a new home.  that's our goal.  we feel like we would love some more room inside and out (more out than in though). 
in nov. of '12, after a year and some, we finally found a home that we thought was absolutely perfect.  it wasn't in our school boundaries, so that was a huge bummer, but it was almost twice the sq. ft. as our current home and was on a half acre out in the country.  it had close neighbors, but wasn't squashed between them and there weren't any intrusive HOA's or CC&R's.  best part: it was in our budget!  we asked our lender about it and our hopes were crushed.  we were told to hold off until otter pop got another raise.  ... :(  sad day.  true story.
in march of this year, the mr got a raise and it was a nice one!  we started looking again.  low and behold, the above mentioned home was back on the market!!!  we put an offer on it, and were put in 2nd position to buy it if the 1st position buyer backed out or fell through.  we were amazed at God's graciousness in the deal.  patience had paid off and finally ---after a year and a half--- were going to get a home!!!  maybe.  (if the 1st position buyer fell through at least).  we were hopeful.
in may, I think it was, it happened.  the 1st position sale was contingent upon sale of their home and it didn't pass the VA approval.  they were out and we were in!!! 
...or so we hoped.  we were offered a $500 to rush the closing if we could get it done in 10 days!  now THAT WAS FUN!  it only took a few days to realize that not only would we not close in 10 days, the specific home couldn't be financed through any of the loans we could afford.  bummer.  closed door.  keep looking.
it was about that time that we really started to see the house market rising.  houses that were previously listed started asking at least 10K but averagely 20K more.  houses were coming on the market at much higher asking prices.  it was frustrating for us, because our budget was right at the same price that investors are able to pay cash, do a few fix-ups and then flip them for lots of money.  set back #1, we don't have cash to buy our home.  set back #2, we don't have the money to do lots of fix-ups, but we're just looking for something to live in!  agh!!!!!!

this is getting long.  i'll make this a series.  stay tuned to more on OUR HOUSE HUNT...
"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31

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