"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Saturday, August 24, 2013


last weekend I got a weekend away with my big girl.  we had plans of camping together all weekend long.  we headed out around 9am, ran some errands, did some school shopping, ate lunch, and didn't even head up to the mountains until 1pm. 
it was fun to shop, as much as I hate spending money.  we still had fun.  we got her some shirts, a pair of shorts, and some school pants.  one funny story that I laughed about all weekend long was when we were in a little teen clothing shop and one of the sales associates came up asking if anyone had asked us to smell vixen.  as wolfie answered, "no", I clarified, "excuse me?" because I just wasn't sure what she was asking.  she then restated her question, "are either of you ladies interested in smelling vixen?"  wolfie answered, "sure" and held out her hand.  I muttered, "that sounds a bit inappropriate."  turns out vixen was a perfume essence they had for sale.  they had little slips of vixen samples they were handing out.  when the sales associate heard my absolutely hilarious joke muttered, she apologized all over herself for the inappropriate question... which threw me into a fit of giggles because SINCE I WAS AN ADULT she had no idea that I had any sort of sense of humor and therefore had to fix her mistake.  it was funny to me because, well, I am indeed funny.  but also funny for me to get the deer in the headlights look that adults get when teens have to give them when they're caught doing something wrong.  I just haven't gotten that much in my young adult life yet and it was almost as funny as my joke. 
anyway, maybe you kinda had to be there.  I don't know. 
wolfie and I drove up to the lake, played, swam, piled rocks, sun bathed, hiked, climbed, piled some more rocks, fell, met new people, and then went to find a camp spot.  we ended up camping at the same area that our family camped at a few weeks prior, just further back into the woods, by the lake.  the spot was nice.  it was another spot that i'd take the family to.  wolfie did some more swimming and a little hiking/climbing while I perched myself by the shaded beachfront at read some of the book she brought up (Eragon).  we watched some silly teenagers show off to each other by jumping off rocks, saw a swarm of bats wake up and start flying around us, (that was kinda creepy, but cool), went for a late night stroll, and then headed to bed.  I made sure to frighten her thoroughly by telling her all the little silly things that scare me at night when I'm camping, and then we had trouble going to sleep.  :)  but eventually we slept well and woke early to many loud annoying squirrel cries and pinecones being tossed at our tent.  we went to the pancake house for breakfast where wolfie ordered a scrumptious meal of biscuits and gravy with 2 eggs and some bacon.  first she doused the eggs and bacon in maple syrup.  then she scraped the gravy off the biscuit and poured huckleberry syrup over it.  that was odd.  but either way, it went down.  so then we rummaged around the small town, shopping, browsing, etc.  there was a cool large arts and craft fair that was in town for the weekend, so we stopped into it and looked around.  there were tons of really cool yard art, jewelry, signs, and other stuff.  then we went back out to the beach to swim.  once we got there, neither of us really wanted to get in.  so we sat and read.  a snake came up and distracted us.  wolfie spent the remainder of our time trying to catch it I think.  around 2 we decided we had had plenty of fun and we'd head home. 
it was a great weekend away and with her.  i'm glad we did it and am anxious for us to do another one soon.
"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31

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