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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

this week's menu

i made this up on monday, but better late than never.  i did start budgeting out these and i'm saving millions i'm sure.  each menu lasts us about 1.5-2wks.  it seems that each menu (as well as any other grocery items for the week -breakfast and lunch stuff) totals out to about $150-200.  that puts us out for grocery money around $500 tops... which isn't bad for a family of 7!  this month it'll be more because of the holidays extra-eating habits. 
so, here's my ideas:
spaghetti with meatballs.  i make my own sauce and it's nothing like you'll have anywhere else or buy at the store!  i can recipe it up, but i'm not sure on the interest level so i'm thinking of other ideas to journal about instead... 
hamburgers.  these are simple structures.  it's ground beef patties sandwhiched between seasame seed (or seedless) buns.  we'll serve this ingenius entree with baked beans and corn.
turkey noodle soup (because we had a late thanksgiving with a HUGE turkey)... -we actually had this yesternight.  it was fine.  my noodles got a bit soggy.
steak and twice baked potatoes.  we'll grill the steaks and i'll do my famous twice baked potatoes.  i always plan for these and end up making mashed potatoes even though EVERYONE LOVES these so much more...
patti's chicken picata.  found this recipe on "robin's menu ideas, planning what's for dinner" site.  it looks easy and yummy.
spinach fettucine with feta cheese (without spinach fettucine because i couldn't locate it at the stores).  this was also found at that same website... it's a good place to look for menu ideas no doubt!
chicken cacciatore.  from the food network.  when i was prego with starboy i made a mouthwatering chicken cacciatore freezer meal... it smelled SO DARN DELISH while i was prepping it for the freezer.  i actually debated eating it ahead of time.  it WAS good too!  i hope this one will be as good. 
aaron and lindsey's chicken tortilla soup extravaganza.  from the blog "this week for dinner".  nice pictures and everything...  ;)
beef stew.  maybe in the crockpot.  probably, it doesn't seem like any of the others were...
eat well... we will!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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