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Thursday, January 1, 2015


We did truffles this year.  I went on Pinterest and found a zillion different types.  I think I even told you there's bacon truffles...  Yeah, that wasn't on our list of contenders!  
We did a vote with our list.  Everyone in our family voted plus at least one outsider.
The results had a 3-way tie for first (5 votes), and a 6-way tie for 2nd (4 votes) This may have been an easy decision for some --just make 3 types--), but I already had it in my head that we'd be making 6 flavors.  So I had to cut the 6 in half.  I combined 2 of them (raspberry and cheesecake), decided lemon cause there weren't any other fruit flavors (with raspberry being combined, that's not the same), and then cut coffee and salted caramel for 2 reasons: 1.) I thought o might eat them all and 2.) I didn't want to eat them all.  
So that resulted in Carmel Apple, Reece's peanutterbutter, Mint, Oreo, Lemon, and Chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Some of the chocolate raspberry cheesecake ones didn't get chocolate because I failed in purchasing enough melting chocolate.  But I hardly saw that as a fail 
(Flip that pic up-side-down if your imagination can't do it for you)

In my humble opinion, the chocolate raspberry cheesecake ones were the best, followed by the Oreo and Reece's peanutterbutter and raspberry cheesecake.  The mint ones were alright, but I didn't like the mint m&m identifying mark in their taste.  I don't like lemon, so I didn't like them at all, and the Carmel Apple ones weren't Apple-y at all.  I liked the Carmel center, but I could like that by simply popping a Carmel candy in my mouth.  

Anyway, it was fun and we have lots of leftovers!

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