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Monday, February 11, 2013

lots of thoughts in my head

there are lots of different ways to educate your young ones.  public, private, home, and unschooled are the popular choices in america.  -not necessarily in that order.  we have the choice of which we will educate our children.
i want to point out though, that they are just that --a choice.  they are DIFFERENT.  you may think that one choice may be better than another choice... and that's one thing that helps in our decision making.  however, please don't teach your kids that they are better than other kids because of that choice you make.  please don't teach your kids that they are smarter than other kids whose parents choose a different education option.  also, please don't think that because of your choice that you are a better parent than parents that choose a different option.
i am part of a group of ladies that gather together for encouragement in godly womanhood.  we study and glean from God's word.  a large majority of women in this group choose to home school their children.  sometimes i get the feeling that they think they are better women and/or better moms because of this.  sometimes i get the feeling that others that choose something different than homeschooling are lazy, uncaring parents.  just because i get these feelings, do i believe this?  well, a part of me believes that they do feel so empowered by controlling every choice their child makes, that they are the most caring parents out there.  a part of me believes that this control they have, makes them feel "higher" than other parents. 
i understand the different decisions though.  i truly believe that every decision has positives and negatives to it. 
i don't like to hear kids say things like, "i know this, that, and the other... 'cause i'm home schooled."  i don't like to hear, "you're weird, 'cause you're home schooled!" either.  i hate the saying, "well, you'll have to excuse my stupidity, i went to public school." 
the truth is, there are lots of different education choices just like there are lots of different learning styles.  some things that work for some people, don't work for others.  God made us all unique.  we are ALL different from each other! 

i have had an emotional last couple weeks.  maybe month.  my children's education spurs a lot of this emotion.  i'm posting this post to no one in particular and everyone, all at the same time.  please think about how your words influence your children's thoughts.  sometimes we, as adults, say something in jest --sarcastically.  our children hear those things and don't understand the humor.  a wise young lady once told me, "in every dose of sarcasm, there's 90% truth, with 10% smile trying to cover it up..."

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31


Nicnic said...

what a great post MamaT. I'm currently going though the "how will we choose to educate our children" dilemma, and these thoughts are rampant in my mind as well. Not the "i'm a better parent if I do THIS, or THAT" thought, just all the thoughts on the many options we have before us, and what is best for us.

I think you are doing great, and working with what you've got. I fully support the choice you made to send your kiddos to public school. And I support it because you don't just push their education off on someone else. You make SURE your kids are doing what they need to do for themselves, and also educating them when they are home. You are encouraging them to learn at school, and supporting them and teaching them at home :)You've really made the choice that works best for YOUR family.

Sorry you've been feeling that crap from other moms who make a different choice. It's tough in this society, I think, to make the choice to homeschool. Most homeschooling families I know only have support from others that homeschool, or other church people. Many of them get a lot of flack from the other side as well. Not an excuses to act holier than thou, but a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about where they are coming from.
love you sister!

MamaT said...

i understand all the different perspectives very clearly. i, personally, have experienced all of them. there is really no excuse for making yourself feel better by putting others down. and not "you" nicole, just the generic "you". ya know... everyone. :)
it sucks. i hope this post opens everyones who reads it eyes. your choice isn't better or worse than anyone elses. it's a choice. that's all. a decision you made. the decision-maker isn't any better or worse than any other decision-maker either...
we're all God's children and He loves us all the same.

MamaT said...

moms are always battling this out in posts about being a stay-at-home mom vs. working from home mom vs. working away from home mom
it's so dumb. they're all three choices. not a single one is better than the other.
maybe it's just women... no, it's people.

LouisianaMom said...

It is emotional, I ve experienced all three choices public, private, and homeschool ... And I ve experienced exactly what your talking about in each setting. I think that sometimes people act that way because they are insecure with their choice, so they are over defensive.... Just a thought. Isn't it great to live in a country with choices!