"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, April 13, 2012

3 weeks

it's been 3 little weeks since buttercup has joined us, her family, on the outside of my body.  here's what we think of her:
starboy:  she's really aweeesa.  i lub her.  she's my favorite.
boo:  i really love she and she so cute.  i hope she don't cries.  she's just my little sister and my sweetie.  shes eyes are so cute. 
jones:  she's so cute.  her feet are soooo tiny.  i wish she could grow up to play the wii.  i like to hold her because her face is so cute. 
binkins:  fine.  good.  she's so sweet.  she's an angel.
wolfie:  she's small and fragile.  she's quiet. 
me:  she's awfully sweet. 
otter pop:  i love her, she's the sweetest thing God put a nose on. 

i had to take the sweet cute little one to the dr today.  she started complaining yesterday and wanting to be held in a specific way.  she's had a little nagging pathetic baby-cough for the past week... i kinda thought she might have an ear ache...  she did and she does.  and she now weighs a whopping 9lb.7oz.  ---she's really packing on the weight!!!  (sarcasm)

her belly button still kinda looks weird, but it's an innie now, so that's nice.

her hair is growing nicely.  she's a definite fuzz head now.

she poops and pees regularly.  is healthily hydrated.  and she needs a bath...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

Yup, she DEFINITELY reminds me of Jones. Hey, I'm heading your way tomorrow so I'll see you SOON!!!

bonniebee said...

wittle Buttercup looks like a baby doll in that last photo. Thanks for putting the pics up. They are all so darling!