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Friday, April 6, 2012

2 weeks

well, last week's "update" idea sucked.  and i didn't get any better ideas from my trusty readers... maybe i don't have any trusty readers...  :(
ok, so what is it that I WANT TO REMEMBER about the first two weeks?


well, after we got home from the hospital we realized that we really had created a sweet bundle of cuddle.  she LOVES to snuggle and it's so apparent -even in these first 2 weeks- that she loves to be touched, held, skin-to-skin.  we've had to wean her away from us, so that she'll sleep in her own bed at night.  i'm too paranoid to co-sleep, so when she demanded to be sleeping with us, it pretty much meant that she'd sleep and i'd just snooze a little off and on (in a sitting up position). 
buttercup came out of the womb ready to poop... in fact, she slipped a little out even while she was IN the womb.  but we went through a 20-pack of diapers in two days at the hospital.  they were poopy almost every single time!  just so you know, that is a lot of poopy diapers for a newborn!  since i breastfeed, i knew she wasn't really eating anything...  she was shrinking dramatically with the output and no intake!  at discharge i think they said she weighed 8lb. 10oz.
she was also very very gassy.  she'd let out these farts that could honestly clear the room if it weren't for her sweet cute face needing kissed 24/7.  when we got home, the second night she was in such pain from that rank smell eating her insides she cried for 3 hours straight.  that would have been rough even during the day, but it just so happened it was from 2 to 5 in the morning... on the night before otter pop's return to work!  it was heartbreaking.  and there wasn't anything i could do to help her...
my wonderful, awesome, sweet sister came up to help with the kiddos on the monday and tuesday after her birth.  -we were in the hospital until sunday evening.-  however, my mother-in-law decided that she wanted to keep the kiddos, so my sister came up anyway and brought all her cleaning supplies.  we got to hang out and then as i rested and recouped, she cleaned our house!  hot diggity dog i hit the jackpot when she was born!!!!!  (my sister, i'm referring to... but buttercup too.)
[insert aunT pictures here]
on wednesday, my mommy came to help, however my mother-in-law still had the kiddos... so once again, i was blessed with some great company!  we made a jont to the store and bought some items and played some games and had a gay old time... 
[insert mammy pictures here]
the kids got dropped off wednesday night and it was great to see them and for them to see us and really meet their baby sister.  they still, even now, are having a hard time calling her by her name.  they refer and introduce her as our new baby, buttercup!  it's kinda cute and i remember the same thing happening with starboy. 
boo and starboy were a bit under the weather with some nasty coughs.  boo was almost over it, but man that little starboy sounded like death had hit him as he'd get his cough attacks!  as the week progressed and the weekend drew nearer, jones and binkins also started the coughing.  my mom left on friday night and we entered the weekend ready for some fun. 
school resumed on monday and the kids were excited and ready to go back and tell everyone about their new baby sister. 
this past week has been a great one of adjusting and getting back into our routine.  the kids all have adjusted really really well to having a baby in the family again.  even little buttercup is adjusting great!  she is on a good routine with her napping and eating. 
she eats every 4 hours during the day and goes for 6 hours once during the night.  she poops and pees very very very very frequently.  she sleeps pretty much every 4 hours too.  it goes like this: eat, poop, eat, pee, look around... sleep. repeat. 
my milk came in and passed me right through engorgement very quickly.  by very quickly, i mean that i was swollen for about 24-48 hours tops.  i was given some supplements, by a friend, to help with with my supply as i have struggled to make enough milk with the others.  they definitely helped!!!  in the past few days i think i might be making a little too much as i'm feeling VERY full between feedings, or close to feeding time... 
sweet buttercup is so easy going.  she's a sweet sweet blessing to be around.  she had her blood test today where they prick her foot and fill up four circles with her blood... pku or something...  and she slept right through it!  i'm not kidding.  she didn't wake up at all.  she doesn't spit up ---first out of all of mine that hasn't.  she doesn't fuss much and when she does, it's not very loud.  she's tolerant of anyone holding her.  she's just fantastic.  she doesn't even ask for the pacifier! 

i've changed approximately 100 diapers as of tuesday...  thank the lord for saving money through cloth ones!!! 

anything else?  just ask!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


bonniebee said...

I tried to find a good questionairre for you, but I couldn't find one and I got too lazy to make one. I like this report though, don't worry. :)

p.s.s from Troy not Bonnie

bonniebee said...

I like the good roundabout update as well. Looks like I'm talking with myself. I also liked using my imagination to visualize the pictures. Sounds like all is well on your home front. Prayers have been answered.

P.S. From Bonnie, not Troy.

bonniebee said...

By the way, I thought of a good questionnaire. It goes along the line of what do you think your mother was going through when you were Buttercup's age--how does it compare, moreorless to your life now. Secondly, what do you imagine Buttercup's life will be like 30 years in the future?

From Troy again, not Bonnie.